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 The Story of the United States Armed-Forces in Europe   

…….is the story of General George Washington’s Continental Army …..and the French Idealistic Commander, Gen. de Lafayette.                                                                                                                                                                                            It is the story of greatest Army in the World, the United States Army,  who has defended Europe from long centuries ago…..until the present time in an unconditional ways.                                                                                It is the story of the greatest partnership of U.S-European Armed-Forces, the formation of the closest Allies fighting in the same battle ground…… for keeping the light of Freedom …….and Humanity alive.  It is the story of U.S-European shared values….shared ideals and belief, that goes beyond the time and the geographical locations.                                                                                                                                                                                 The story of the United States Armed Forces in Europe is the story of the U.S Army and its vivid Golden Star………

………..the tale of Bravery……Sacrifices…..and Heroism that project the well destined Triumph and Victory.           

          By Catherine Stella Schmidt  (Copy righted material)


   © The United States Army Band “Pershing’s own” 






An Exclusive Interview with U.S. Army Europe-2  

Special Edition for September 2019

An exclusive interview with U.S. Army Europe spokesperson conducted by U.S Europe World Affairs Editor in Chief.

Thank you very much Sir, it is a great honor to have you here.

Q: Could you please give us a general picture of the U.S Army’s structure in Europe: its mission, political concepts, aspirations and the long term goals?

U.S. Army Europe Spokesperson: U.S. Army Europe’s mission is to provide ready, combat-credible land forces to, and set the essential conditions for, U.S. European Command and NATO to deter aggression from any potential adversary in the European theater.  There are approximately 38,000 U.S. Army Soldiers, 11,000 Department of the Army civilians and 13,000 local nationals assigned and deployed throughout Europe, strategically positioned across our 51-country area of responsibility to deter aggression and reassure our allies and partners of the U.S. commitment to peace and stability in Europe.

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Special Edition for August 2016 

An Exclusive Interview with the U.S Army Europe

US naval Europe Africa May 22, 2016

In the Exclusive Interview Series, this time we have the special occasion of presenting our interview with the United States Army Europe. The interview has been conducted with the Team of  Public Affairs of the U.S Army Europe HQ in Germany.

Q:  The United States and Europe are immensely interconnected, not only by Historical Heritage, Values and Ideals for centuries, but also by Political Landscape, Security and Defense.

  • Would you please elaborate on the importance of this Relation on the domain of Security and Defense.

Our history is absolutely the foundation of what connects the United States and Europe. During the Warsaw Summit in July President Barack Obama said, “In this challenging moment, I want to take this opportunity to state clearly what will never change – and that is the unwavering commitment of the United States to the security and defense of Europe, to our transatlantic relationship, to our commitment to our common defense.”

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April 2017 

The U.S Army Europe and the 7th Army Training Command in Combined Resolve VIII

The U.S-European Armed Forces are participating in one of the most crucial exercises of the U.S Army Europe:                                                                Combined Resolved VIII

The exercise is launched on April 19th and is under leadership of the United States 7th Army Command based in Germany, will be continued through June 16.  The participants of over 3,400 Soldiers are from the Armed Forces of  Albania, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, and the United States. 

Described by the U.S Army Europe/the 7th Army Training Command

The Exercise Combined Resolve VIII consists of three phases.

  • The first phase includes a combined arms live-fire exercise on the Grafenwoehr Training Area.
  • The Second phase will include a command post exercise
  • And the last phase will then include force-on-force maneuver training at the U.S Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels.  April 13, 2017 © US Army Europe/7th ATC

The central objectives: to strengthen U.S-European Armed/Rotational Forces and enhance their interoperability.  

Sources: U.S Army Europe Public Affairs/The 7th Army Training Command                                                                    Follow us @USEUWAffairs





March 2017 

A View to U.S Army Reserve (7th MSC)  in Europe and its Vital Role and Contributions

For 60 years……..without stop….. Army’s Reserve Units in Europe, Army’s  7th Mission Support Command,  established initially in 1956 as ‘the 7th Civil Support Command’  has been the front Force to defend Europe and strengthen the European Armed-Forces.            

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December 2016 

U.S Military Capabilities Strengthen the European Armed-Forces and NATO

The United States is absolutely committed to the defense of NATO, and that means having full-spectrum capabilities not only within U.S. forces, but with NATO and partner nations as well.” highlighted the U.S Department of Defense in the news-article on December 13,2016.

While Military capabilities are known by the number of the troops and Military personnel –Power and Defense assurance are projected by advanced equipment, technology, the best training that could execute the required strategies, command and tactics in the theater fields.

The U.S Amy Europe and its 7th Army Training Command in Germany, has been the main center to build the NATO members’ Armed-Forces by regular training that to maximize the interoperability;              the multinational exercise,  joint maneuvers, the exchange of ideas and commands — aimed all to fortify the U.S-European Armed-Forces and bolster the NATO members’  Military to the higher capabilities of Physical  and  Cyber Defense

In early 2016 the United States has announced also the increase of the budget for NATO in the European Reassurance Initiative plan, as a further demonstrations of U.S commitment to safeguard European Freedom, Peace and Security. 

 2015 © 7th Army Training Command
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  2. The U.S-European Armed-Forces Stronger together

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By Catherine Stella Schmidt  (Copy righted material)





September 2016 

The U.S-European Armed Forces in Exercise Combined Resolve VII

The U.S Army’s European Rotational Force with over 15  European States are participating in one of the biggest U.S-European Multinational joint training: Exercise Combined Resolve VII.    




September 13, 2016 © US Army Europe/U.S Mission to NATO



The exercise has been held from August 8 to September 15 in southeastern Germany with the participation of  3,500 soldiers from the Armed-Forces of:  Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and the United States.

Formulated in four stages the Exercise intends:

To provide the Raiders Brigade with multinational training and partnership;
To  enhance the flexibility;
To enhance the agility and ability to better operate alongside NATO allies and partners in Europe. © Described by the U.S 7th Army Training Command 

Source: US Army Europe/ the US 7th Army Training Command 



August 2016 

‘Strong Guard 2016’ has concluded its Training

Exercise  Strong Guard 2016  was a unique US-European Military Training Exercise, executed during a three day time frame, to boost the close Partnership and the Interoperability of U.S National Guard, Military Police Battalion, Marines, with the Land-Forces and National Guards of Lithuania and Latvia. The Training was finalized successfully with a Military ceremony on August 14, 2016.

Reaffirmed by the U.S Army, “Strong Guard 2016 demonstrated the continued U.S. commitment to the security of the NATO Allies in the light of the increased tension in Eastern Europe. August 2016 © U.S Army Europe

Military Police Battalion, 177th Military Police Brigade, Michigan National Guard EUCOM August 19, 2016




Military Police Battalion, Military Police Brigade, Michigan National Guard during the official closing ceremony of ‘Strong Guard 2016’  in Latvia.  August 14, 2016.© US Army/Staff Sgt. Kimberly Bratic


There were Soldiers, in variety of uniforms…… presenting their Brigades, Battalions, and Units– stood in salute in the closing ceremony.  In a normal day or an ordinary condition, after three days and nights of  heavy  Training, which had challenged the toughness of Minds and the strength of Physique beyond all limits–  one would had resigned before the finishing line and to exhaustion. But far from that– these were the Soldiers that have surpassed every extremes.  Standing firm, …..their eyes were radiating with the the heights of pride……, and strength was yet visibly depicted in every steps of their movements….. as they marched towards the Garrison at their Commander’s behest.


By Catherine Stella Schmidt     (Copy righted material)

Source: US Army Europe/Staff Sgt. Kimberly Bratic 




June 2016 

Exercise Swift Response 16

With more than 5000 Soldiers and Airmen from 10  NATO Allied Armed-Forces,  Swift Response 16 was one of the greatest Multi-National Military Crisis Response Training for Airborne Forces. The Training was executed in Poland and Germany  from May 27- June 26, with a successful outcomes.

The Armed -Forces participating in this Training-Exercise were from: Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United States.

 The Overall objective in the Exercise was formulated to:

  • Enhance the Readiness of the Combat Core of the U.S. Global Response Force
  • Conduct Rapid-Response
  • Joint-Forcible Entry
  • Follow-on Operations alongside Allied High-Readiness Forces in Europe  (described by the U.S Army Europe)

     June 13, 2016 © 7th Army Training Command

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