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May 2016

U.S-Nordic Leaders Summit 2016

To portray European Power,  one has to see it beyond the mainstream media,  comprehend it  deeply all the way,  stretching to ……the Arctic Sea……the Lands of Nordic:  their History, Culture…..Philosophy…..Art and Literature.  On the Political sphere,  their centuries of  Diplomatic achievements….and on Defence……their Military might.  They possess the North and the Baltic Seas…..and the every waves of Arctic Ocean. They  were the first  to journey into a New World,  the first settler on the vast beautiful  Land , before the British Empire re-discover and establish it as the Land of Shimmering dream…… later called….. ‘The United States of America’

The relation between the United States and the Nordic Region is not the contemporary but the most cherished and ranks the Legendary one — as President Obama described it in his speech of this year’s Summit:  “The Extraordinary Countries and Extraordinary Friends   (Excerpt from a Political text ‘Sublime and Beautiful Europe and the United States’  by Catherine Stella Schmidt) 

The U-S Nordic Leader Summit held in Washington DC on May 13,  had been established following President Obama’s meeting with the Nordic Leaders in Sweden in 2013.  The summit was  to affirm the U.S-Nordic Partnerships,  standing on centuries of shared Philosophy, Ideals and Western values.

Excerpt from U.S.-Nordic Leaders’ Summit Joint Statement:

“Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States reaffirm our deep partnership based on shared fundamental values.”

“The Nordic countries greatly value the United States’ commitment to Europe and its security.  NATO remains key to transatlantic and European security, and the contributions of  Sweden and Finland, including those they make as NATO enhanced opportunity partners, are highly valuable.  The United States, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway are committed to building on NATO’s enhanced opportunity partners’ framework in order to promote a close Political dialogue and Military cooperation between Finland and Sweden and NATO Allies (28+2).”    “The Nordic countries and the United States strongly support closer cooperation between NATO and the EU, and consider new areas of practical cooperation between the two to be a priority for the NATO Summit in Warsaw in July.  May 13, 2016 © The White House       Continue to read


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February 2016

Denmark is the Least Corrupt Country in the World

In the Statistic Global report of 2015 by Transparency International Organization Denmark is ranked the best and the least corrupt Country in the World followed by the second best Finland, 3 Sweden, 4 New Zealand, 5 Netherlands, 6 Norway and 7 Switzerland. 

“I am pleased to see Denmark ranked as the least corrupt Country in the World for the fourth time. It recognises our public sector as both transparent and well-organized, and it shows that Denmark offers a Safe and Stable environment for both People and Businesses,” elaborated the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen  ©The MFA Denmark

In 2015 Denmark was also recognized for the second time, number 3 in the World and number 1 in Europe as the best place for Business and Investments in the Statistic Global report of the  World Bank Group.


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Denmark the Ideal Place for Business and Investment, World Bank’s recent Report 

Denmark the top European States for Business

But equally important–Denmark has been also the Leading Force in many aspect of  (the Real) Human Right issues at the International levels.

Denmark the Leading force in UN for Human Rights November 2015

Follow more News from  Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs





November 2015

Denmark the Leading force in the United Nations for Human Rights

In the combat against the Violation of Human Rights, Denmark has been playing–constantly an instrumental role for furthering the Concept of Human Rights in the U.N and in the World, by raising the issues and requiring the world to comply with the Universal values of the Human Rights.

Initiated by the Government of Denmark ‘the Resolution against torture’ was unanimously adopted by 193 member States in the U.N General Assembly in November,6  2015.

The Danish resolution against torture was unanimously adopted by 193 member states in the UN General Assembly, By the MFA of Denmark

Promotion and protection of human rights: UN General Assembly November 2015

The International Service for Human Rights congratulates and thanks Denmark for its important leadership on this General Assembly resolution

Convention Against Torture Initiative CTI






November  2015

Denmark the top European Land for Business

Based on the latest survey released by the World Bank– Denmark ranks the first European Top Country for Business in 2015

“Creating a good and efficient business environment for both foreign and Danish companies is a key priority of the  Danish government, and I am pleased to see that our continuous efforts show results and Denmark is again acknowledged as best in Europe for doing business.”

“It is the second year in a row that Denmark takes a step up in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking and I hope that more foreign investors will consider growing their business in the world’s third best country for business.” Statement by Minister Kristian Jensen for Foreign Affairs.

The Government of Denmark sees its success for:

  • Having more Innovative Methods 
  • Establishing more Positive Environment for Investments and new Businesses
  • Maximizing the Non-Bureaucratic Regulation
  • And by providing more attractive ,and timely, online support for both Danish and Foreign Companies or new Ideas

Denmark an Ideal country for creating new Business and Investment, read the World Bank Report






October 2015

The Royal  Danish  Navy in NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield

HDMS ABSALON of Denmark 2015 NATOHDMS ABSALON of Denmark 2015 ©NATO

On October 1st, the HDMS ABSALON of Royal Danish Navy joined NATO Counter-piracy Operation Ocean Shield. The Operation is to keep the region safe from the threats of piracy and to maintain the Maritime Security at all level.

The Royal Navy Ship will visit the port of the Mediterranean Dialogue Partner Nations and meet with the high level Military Leaders including the Royal Jordanian Naval Force.





Historical and Political aspects about Denmark

The Danish Monarchy

Danish National Anthems

Danish Flag and its history

History of Denmark

About Denmark

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Denmark and its Leadership in Europe and in the World

Denmark in EU

The Diplomatic Mission of Denmark to NATO

The Diplomatic Mission of Denmark to the U.N




May 2014

Secretary Kerry met with Foreign Minister Lidegaard of Denmark

May 8, 2014 ©U.S Department of State



Follow news from the NATO Secretary General

Anders Fogh Rasmussen ( the former Prime Minister of Denmark 2001-2009 and the NATO Secretary General 2009-2014)



March 2014

NATO Secretary General met with President Obama in Brussels    

March 26, 2014 Brussels©NATO



The United States of American and Denmark

The Diplomatic Mission of the United States to Denmark 

The Diplomatic Mission of Denmark  to the USA

The American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark
Danish American Chamber of Commerce

Message from the Department of State on the Occasion of Denmark’s National Day June 2015

































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