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September 2016 

Finland and the United States advancing Partnership in Crisis Management and Defence

MFA of Finalnd Protected by Copy-Right Law

President of the Republic of Finland  and Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy discuss Finland’s participation in crisis management and defence cooperation between Finland and the United States. Announced by the MFA of Finland on September 26,2016 

Finland will continue its active participation in international crisis management. It currently has roughly 500 soldiers taking part in 13 military crisis management operations and around 100 experts involved in 20 civilian crisis management operations.   

Finland ‘s  largest contribution is in the UNIFIL operation in Lebanon, where participation has been strengthened and extended as part of Finland’s response to the request for aid and assistance submitted by France following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015.

The meeting also discussed defence cooperation between Finland and the United States, where a statement of intent for defence cooperation is under preparation between the two countries’ respective defence ministries.  Sweden and the United States signed a similar statement of intent in June 2016.                                                                                                                                                                                               The President and the Ministerial Committee also addressed the serious concerns about the humanitarian situation in Aleppo. © MFA of Finland, September 26, 2016 

Additional: Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work met with  Nordic, Baltic State Officials in Stockholm, April 2016 




June 2016

Finland will provide more service to the Conscripts in its Armed-Forces

The agreement between Finnish Defence Forces and the Railway Corporation was reached in November 2015,  and on June the 2nd 2016  the implementation of the plan was singed. 

Such a significant and positive measure has to be considered  also in the U.S and the entire Europe– as a way of honouring the service and ….. dedications of our Heroes in U.S-European Armed-Forces. 

The Press release by the Finnish Defence Forces reads:

From now on, Conscripts will be able to reserve seats free of charge on long-distance trains. It is also still possible for those in furlough Uniform to travel without a reserved seat by displaying their Conscript card.”

“Trains are a favoured mode of transport among conscripts, and we want to further encourage them to make use of this safe and environmentally friendly travel option. The new seat reservation service improves Conscripts’ travel comfort significantly and offers them the opportunity to relax either on their journey home or their journey back to the Garrison.” Stated Maisa Romanainen, Senior Vice President for VR Passenger Services. June 2, 2016 © Finnish Defence Forces  view the Press Release







May 2016

Finland’s Leadership in the Baltic Sea Region

Kristian Jensen, Børge Brende and Timo Soini 2016Minister  Kristian Jensen for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Minister Børge Brende for Foreign Affairs of Norway, Minister Timo Soini for Foreign Affairs of Finland.  May 3, 2016 © Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

MFA of Finalnd Protected by Copy-Right Law The Nordic countries are working together to ensure stability and welfare in an effort to co-ordinate our development co-operation, promote free trade and to participate together in International Crisis Management and Peacekeeping Missions. The Nordic perspective in all these issues involves a concentrated focus on Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law. May 3, 2016 © Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland                              Continue to read


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March 2016

Finnish Armed-Forces the Knights of the Europe in every frontiers

 For Maximizing Security in Europe and Peace in the World

©Ministry of Defence of Finland




January 2016

The Leadership of Finland’s Armed-Forces-1

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinisto visited UNIFIL 2016 Finalnd MoDJanuary 14,2016 ©Ministry of Defence of Finland

The Minister of Defence of Finland, Jussi Niinistö, travelled to Lebanon, 13-15 January, and visited Finland’s Armed-Forces deployed in the UNIFIL Peacekeeping Mission and the Finish Crisis Management Force in the UNNIFIL Headquarters. Finland is one of the major contributors to the UN Peacekeeping Forces in various Deployments, and in UNIFIL since 2006.

Finish Armed-Forces in UNIFIL

Simultaneously Finland is one of the leading Country in Europe that Deploys  Crisis Management Force, for various International Conflicts and Emergencies.

On the Law-Enforcement front, Finland has been also one of the largest Contributors and  the Head of the European Union Police Mission EUPOL, in Afghanistan since 2010.

Medal Parade at EUPOL HQ Kabul Nov.2015EUPOL Mission Members were awarded the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Medals. ©EUPOL Kabul, November 2015

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December 2015

Finland and Sweden’s expand their Commitments and Support  to the NATO

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February 2014

The Nordic Defence with NATO

Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland in the Air-Power NATO Exercise

  2014 ©NATO




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