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November 2016

Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta-5

The close partnership between the EU Naval Force in Operation Atalanta and NATO in Operation Ocean Shield has been the vital path for enduring  success at the military and political fronts for both.

In the recent port visit of the Frigate HNLMS Tromp to  the Seychelles, Operation Atalanta’s Force Commander Commodore Luyckx,   was welcomed by Royal Danish Air Force Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) detachment based in the Seychelles as a part of NATO in Operation Ocean Shield.








Operation Atalanta Force-Commander, Commodore Luyckx of the Netherlands Navy (right) with Major Anders Kyed of Royal Danish Air Force Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) detachment in NATO Operation Ocean Shield (left). October 31, 2016 © EU NAVFOR

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News from EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta                
News from Royal Netherlands Navy                          News from Danish Armed-Forces
News from UK Royal Navy                                           News from Commodore René Luyckx
News from Spanish Navy                                      News from US Naval Forces Europe/Africa

poppy-day-uk-govUK Royal Navy in London’s  Poppy Day 2016     

UK Armed-Forces Remembrance





September 2016 

Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta-4

The Royal Netherlands Naval frigate  HNLMS Tromp, the flagship of EU NAVFOR since the August of this year,  and the Spanish frigate ESPS Santa Maria  also part of EU NAVFOR, came to friendly approach at Sea during their maritime patrolling in the Gulf of Aden.                                                                                                            The Force Commander, Commodore Luyckx of the Royal Netherlands Navy, visited the warship ESPS Santa Maria and delivered a speech in Spanish expressing his gratitude to the Naval crew.

Op-Atalanta-Force-Commander-addresses-the-crew-of-Santa-Maria-in-Spanish Sep.5 2016Force Commander Commodore Luyckx after being welcomed by Commanding Officer, Commander Antonio Posada on board of Santa Maria delivered a speech to the crew. September 5, 2016 © EU NAVFOR

In the same frame of time, the flagship HNLMS Tromp and its Dutch Naval force conducted a training for the port authorities in Puntland, Somalia. The training took place with the presence and support of the Representatives from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime ‘UNODC‘. 

Additional: Dutch fast Combat support Ship HNLMS Amsterdam joins EU NAVFOR Task Force.

News from EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta                
News from Royal Netherlands Navy 
News from UK Royal Navy                                 News from Commodore René Luyckx
News from Spanish Navy                                      News from US Naval Forces Europe/Africa

Source: EU NAVFOR 




August 2016 

Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta-2

On August 6,  in the Naval ceremony  Royal Netherlands Navy assumed the Force Command of the Operation Atalanta from German Navy.


Rear Admiral Kaack, Rear Admiral González-Aller Lacalle, and Commodore Luyckx in the change of Force Command ceremony. August 6, 2016 EU NAVFOR




Commodore Luyckx of Royal Netherlands Navy (right) Rear Admiral González-Aller Lacalle of Spanish Navy (centre)  and Rear Admiral Kaack of German Navy (left) during the handover Command ceremony. August 6, 2016 © EU NAVFOR

The Royal Dutch Air Defence and Command  Frigate HNLMS Tromp  equipped with NH90 Chopper, will be for the next approximately four months the Flagship of Operation Atalanta,  the HQ of Force Commander Commodore René Luyckx, and his crew added with 10 other European State’s personnel and several EU partners in the Counter-Piracy Operation.

“The EU Naval Force, in co-operation with counter-piracy partners, has been highly effective in reducing pirate attacks. At the height of Somali piracy in January 2011, 736 hostages and 32 Ships were being held by Pirates.  As of May 2015, no Merchant Vessels are being held in captivity.”  Elaborated the new Force Commander  Commodore René Luyckx of Royal Netherlands Navy.  Djibouti,  August 6 2016 © EU NAVFOR

This is the second time that Commodore René Luyckx  leads the Operation.  In May 2015 he was the Commanding Officer of  HNLMS Johan de Witt  in Operation Atalanta.

Royal Dutch Marines on the Frigate Bayern June 2015 EU NAVFORHis current Flagship  HNLMS Tromp of  Royal Netherlands Navy,  does also conjure up…..  a well-known tale of a Ship, and the electrifying hostage Rescuing Operation…….. by the Dutch Marines …. in the chapters of the European Union’s Naval Operation Atalanta.  

It was in the early hours of April 5  2010,  in the abruptly hijacking situation the MV Taipan (German owned container Ship) and its crew were taken hostage by a group of Armed Pirates.   The unclassified correspondence of  European Naval Force indicates that as the negotiation attempts with the Pirates did not bring a positive result,  the HNLMS Tromp launched an offensive course, by  authorizing its Dutch Marines to a swift Disrupt….., Boarding, …. and Rescue Operation….. which  ended in …..seizing  the Vessel ……and rescuing the hostages unharmed.  The Armed-Pirates were rounded up and captured…….later transported to the Netherlands for the trial.


News from EU NAVAL Force in Operation Atalanta
News from Royal Netherlands Navy 

The second image Dutch Marine Boarding Team during its previous six months Mission in the OP. Atalanta. June 2015 courtesy of EU NAVFOR.                                                                                                                              


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Royal Netherlands Navy in EU NAVFOR




Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta-4  (view the article)

Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta-3   (view the article)

Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta-2  (view the article)

Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta-1  (view the article)






June 2016 

The Leadership of the Netherlands in NATO

NATO Secretary General met with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands to discuss important issues on the wide spectrum of NATO, Europe and the Global Security.  The Secretary General commended the Netherlands highly valuable contributions to the NATO’s Collective Defence.

The Hague June 9, 2016 © NATO

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in The Hague to discuss the Alliance’s agenda for the Warsaw Summit in July. June 9, 2016

News from Prime Minister Mark Rutte
News from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

News from the Netherlands EU Presidency 2016




February 2016

The Netherlands’ initiative to enhance Europe’s Cyber-Security

“The Netherlands wants to unite Countries, Businesses, Think Tanks and internet Experts, so that the world will be better equipped to prevent Cyber attacks on Political or Military targets.” February 12, 2016 © The Dutch MFA

‘Cyber attacks are the key threat of the future,’  ‘They target Countries, Individuals, Companies and Infrastructure Networks. The World is still too passive about this issue.’  highlighted Foreign Minister Bert Koenders.  February 12, 2016 © The Dutch MFA  Continue to read

                    Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright Law The Netherlands EU Presidency 2016




January 2016

The United States praised the Netherlands leadership 

Secretary of Defense Carter praised the Netherlands on its expansion of Air Campaign Against ISIL

I want to commend the government of the Netherlands for its announcement today that Dutch Pilots will expand their current mission over Iraq to participate in coalition air strikes against ISIL in eastern Syria. I also appreciate the announcement of additional funding to support moderate armed Syrian opposition groups with civilian means and medical assistance, consideration of additional support to the Iraqi security forces and the Peshmerga, and additional funding for the restoration of damaged hospitals, schools and other infrastructure.”

Secretary of Defense concluded:

“I am grateful for Minister Hennis-Plasschaert’s immediate action following last week’s meeting, and for the continuing commitment from the Dutch people to this fight. They have provided a strong example for the 26 Nation Military Coalition which will gather in Brussels along with Representatives from the Iraqi government in two weeks to discuss the progress of the campaign and what additional capabilities are needed from every member Nation.” WASHINGTON, January 29, 2016 ©DoD News/Media

Additional references: 

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December 2015

The Leadership of the Netherlands and its Armed Forces in the World

October  2015 © MoD of the kingdom of the Netherlands

The Netherlands stands ready to play its part, by the Prime Minister Mark Rutte





December 2015

The Kingdom of the Netherlands the Leading Force in NATO 

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is welcomed by NATO Secretary General Jens StoltenbergHis Majesty King Willem-Alexander meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. NATO Headquarters,17 Dec 2015 ©NATO 

Secretary General express NATO’s gratitude to  the Netherlands for its significant Active Role in the Alliance.

 “This is a critical time for our Nations. A time when the entire European Security order, and the core values that underpin our Democratic societies are being challenged. We need a Strong, Capable NATO to ensure our common Security. Allies such as the Netherlands are essential to the effectiveness of this Alliance, Politically and Militarily,”  elaborated Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg . 17 Dec 2015 ©NATO 


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Meeting of the Council with H.M. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

NATO Secretary General welcomes Dutch King Willem-Alexander to Alliance headquarters





November 2015

The Royal Netherlands Navy in Operation Atalanta

Dutch warship, HNLMS Groningen Nov.2015The Royal Netherlands Warship, HNLMS Groningen Friday 27 November ©EUNAVFOR

Since 2008, as  a vital part of EU Naval Force, the Royal Netherlands Navy has been greatly engaged in Operation Atalanta.  

In August 2015, for the first time, the Royal Dutch Navy deployed one of its golden Ace ‘Patrol Vessel HNLMS Groningen’ to EU Naval Force for the ongoing Counter-piracy ‘the Operation Atalanta’. 

In its leading position, the Royal Warship HNLMS Groningen was engaged in: Patrolling the regional water for  maintaining Security and giving protection to ‘ Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN’. And in  the Joint Training and Exercise with the regional Maritime Forces.

On November 27. the Royal Netherlands Warship accomplished its three months period mission and was awarded the Medal of Operation Atalanta.

In the Atalanta Medal Parade ceremony  ‘Commander Hansen’ the Commanding Officer expressed his gratitude to his crew and stated: “This Medal is a sign of the European Union’s appreciation of your good work and achievements.”  ©EUNAVFOR





September 2015

Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte

The UN Peacekeeping Operations Summit  28 September 2015

The Netherlands will remain fully committed to Peacekeeping in the years ahead. 

Let me be specific:

  • We have made long-term extra funds available for defence in general and peacekeeping in particular.
  • Our contribution to the UN’s MINUSMA mission in Mali, of 450 military, police and civilian personnel, is to be extended by one year. Our efforts are aimed at the intelligence capability of the missions. 
    We’ll also be helping more generally to develop policy and capabilities to boost the quality of intelligence in UN missions.
  • Along with other countries, including the US, the Dutch military will continue to train soldiers from African countries.
  • The protection of civilians is also a key UN and Dutch priority. That is why the Netherlands and the US are developing a new training module on civilian protection, and why the Netherlands endorses the Kigali Principles. Together with partners, we will organise a conference on this issue next year.
  • And last but not least, we will make a big financial contribution to enhancing the UN’s planning capacity. Because, as I said, we must keep supplying the UN with enough people and resources.

Ladies and gentlemen, the importance of UN peace missions is beyond question. One conflict, in one country or one continent, affects us all. But to stay effective, we must keep working, keep innovating and keep focusing.  September 2015 ©The Dutch Government  


The Netherlands stands ready to play its part.  Read the Speech by the Prime Minister





March 2015

NATO’s collective strength lies in the Solidarity among its Members. The Netherlands is helping the Alliance to make changes, for instance by enhancing the Deployability and Responsiveness of NATO Units. One example is the Dutch contribution to NATO’s new spearhead Force, assured the Government of Netherlands.  ©The Government of Netherlands

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November 2011

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and its enduring partnership with the U.S

President Obama’s Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands

November 2011 © The White House








































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