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June 2021 

SPECIAL EDITION INTERVIEW WITH H.E. Ambassador Liselotte Plesner, Pemanent Representative of Denmark to NATO

Interview with H.E. Ambassador Liselotte Plesner, Permanent Representative of Denmark to NATO





Your Excellency Ambassador Plesner, we are very much honored to have this interview with you. Thank you for giving us this occasion.  

Q 1: The first question is about Denmark’s leadership in NATO, and the military concept of  ‘Denmark’s Security is deeply rooted in NATO’ proclaimed by Danish Ministry of Defence. Please give us a panoramic view of Denmark’s leadership in NATO and what this concept means for the role and commitments that Denmark holds in the Transatlantic security and defence.

Thank you, it is always a pleasure to talk about the importance of NATO and this is a great opportunity to create awareness about Denmark’s work and active role within NATO.

Denmark’s security is indeed deeply rooted in NATO, and for the past 72 years NATO has been the cornerstone of Danish defence and security policy. We have continuously contributed to the adaption of NATO to fit the world’s ever changing challenges, all resulting in maintaining NATO as the world’s most successful alliance. NATO is a central platform for foreign-, security- and defence consultations among allies on both sides of the Atlantic, and under American leadership the Alliance has ensured peace in the Euro-Atlantic area allowing the people of Denmark to prosper in a free and open society.

We are a small country, and we cannot face our security challenges alone. NATO is the guarantor of our security and by virtue of its role as a value-based organisation the guarantor of our way of life.

In 1949, NATO was founded on the same principles and values as we stand for today, and it is essential for Denmark together with allies and other like-minded countries to uphold and protect our values such as democracy, individual freedom, and the rule of law as laid out in NATO’s founding Washington treaty.

Safeguarding the rules-based international order is also important for the Alliance. This is why NATO is currently working on the forward-looking agenda NATO2030. We see a fundamental shift in the global balance of power, and NATO needs to be fit to match the derived consequences as well as the challenges that persist. Euro-Atlantic security depends on strong transatlantic bonds and we are therefore looking forward to this year’s summit and to recommitting to our special bond and shared values.   

NATO 2030 and the upcoming summit comes at a pivotal moment for the Alliance. The current security environment is both complex, unpredictable, and the most challenging since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Systemic competition with countries that do not share our democratic values and undermine the rules-based international order as well as terrorism, disinformation campaigns, cyber attacks and climate change all require constant adaptation and agility. Consequently, Denmark has actively sought to respond through the Alliance by continuously increasing our shared focus on the capabilities required by NATO to maintain our collective deterrence and defence. 

Denmark has contributed substantially to NATO operations and missions throughout the years, including through the command of NATO Mission Iraq, the present contribution to NATO’s missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, and regular contributions to NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in the Baltic Sea Region and NATO Air Policing. Denmark has been ready to contribute, also, to difficult operations and missions to the benefit of Allied security. I believe that our contributions and continuous engagement has given us the reputation as a constructive and capable ally.

Through 72 years of being an ally in NATO, Denmark has seized opportunities to translate our commitment into operational actions. We believe in the transatlantic bond and the foundational values we all share and every day we go to work with the intention of letting our actions and decisions reflect this belief.

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March 2017 

Denmark Placed its Financial Support for Prosecuting War Crimes in Syria

With this news measure, the Danish government will allocate the mount of DKK 7.65 million to the UN-led  initiative which was adopted  by the UN Resolution in December 2016.

Denmark’s position is clear: the gross Human Rights violations we see and have seen in Syria are unacceptable and it is important that the world community documents them. With the UN’s new initiative, we are sending a clear signal – not least to the Syrian regime – that there is no impunity for such crimes.
These efforts are a supplement to the stabilisation initiative, which Denmark announced last year,” highlighted Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen. March 7, 2017  © MFA of Denmark 

Special:             Denmark for the UN Human Rights Council 2019-2021

  1. Additional: Denmark launches a new stabilisation support package to Iraq and Syria
  2. Danish Special Forces assigned with new tasks in the Coalition’s fight against Da’esh

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February 2017

Denmark for the UN Human Rights Council 2019/2021 (2)

Sponsor_Ministry_UK of Denmark protected by Copyright LAW Dignity, Dialogue  and  Development

are the main pillars upon which Denmark will press forward to promote Human Rights.          


The inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all are at the heart of the Danish approach to Human Rights. A life in dignity is a life free from torture and ill treatment, a life free from all kinds of discrimination, a life with Freedom of opinion, expression and religion and with equal treatment and participation for all. The individual right to make one’s own, free choices in life is a central element herein.   December 2016 © MFA of Denmark 

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  2. Denmark the Leading force in UN for Human Rights
  3. Denmark’s new Humanitarian aid to UNMAS

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December 2016

Denmark for the UN Human Rights Council 2019-2021  (1)

Sponsor_Ministry_UK of Denmark protected by Copyright LAW                   Dignity,  Dialogue and  Development 

are based on Denmark’s positions and key priorities on Human Rights.

Denmark has presented its candidature for a seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council for 2019-2021. As a member of the Human Rights Council, we will work for dignity and human rights through dialogue and development. We will work to make a difference for the Council – and for the people around the world whose human rights are threatened.  December 2016 © MFA of Denmark 

Additional: Denmark the Leading force in UN for Human Rights,2015

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November 2016

Denmark’s New Innovation Centre in Israel

Denmark has opened a new innovation centre in Tel Aviv in October that will strengthen Danish innovation, research, growth, and employment. Announced by the Denmark’s MFA. 






Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen with Minister Ulla Tørnæs  for Higher Education and Science. October 27, 2016                    © MFA of Denmark 

On the eve of this occasion Minister Kristian Jensen for Foreign Affairs of Denmark highlighted:

Israel is among the OECD countries that invest the most in research and development. And it is internationally recognized for its active and vibrant start-up environment. There are many opportunities for Danish companies and research and educational institutions to enter into partnerships, exchange knowledge and create innovation with some of the very best research and innovation environments in Israel.”  October 27, 2016 © Danish MFA

Israel offers strong research and innovation environments particularly within the fields of health and green energy. The Danish innovation centre will improve the opportunities for Danish companies and researchers to collaborate even closer with these attractive environments for the benefit of Danish research, innovation and growth,” Spoke earlier Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs. October 27, 2016 © Danish MFA

  1. Additional: Denmark the Best European Country for Business Announced by the World Bank
  2. The Leadership of Denmark and its Armed-Forces in NATO Resolute Support

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Denmark Once Again Best European Country for Business

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For the sixth year in a row Denmark is ranked the easiest  place in Europe to do business. Globally, only New Zealand and Singapore are ahead of Denmark in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business Index Report’. 
 “It is important for our ability to attract foreign investments that Denmark is one of the world’s best places to start and run a business. We will take advantage of the excellent ranking to make even more international companies aware of Denmark as an attractive place for doing business. I am also pleased to see that Denmark is the best country in the world to use as a base for International Trade.”  Elaborated Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen on this occasion.

About the World Bank’s Doing Business report

  • The ‘Doing Business’ report presents quantitative indicators on 11 areas of business regulation for 189 economies.
  • Denmark is ranked as the world’s third best country for business and number one in Europe.
  • The top 10 of the ranking is characterised by considerable stability and include, among others, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden.
  • The 11 areas of business regulation include, among others: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property, access to credit, paying taxes and trading across borders.   October 26, 2016 © Danish MFA
  1. Additional: Denmark the top European States for Business.
  2. Denmark  is the Least  corrupt Country in the World, global report by Transparency International. 
  3. Denmark the Leading force in UN for Human Rights.


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October 2016

The 10 Great Reasons to Invest in Denmark

Denmark the Land of European Innovation and Technology presents the best reasons for Investment in its Territory. 

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The Great 10 Good Reasons to Invest in Denmark  

  1. The safe choice
  2. Lucrative market access
  3. The most flexible labor market
  4. Highly qualified and motivated talent pool
  5. The perfect hub
  6. Easy business set-up
  7. World leader in clean tech and life sciences
  8. Cost efficient
  9. The world’s best test market
  10. High quality of life

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October 2016 

Denmark the Land for Innovation

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Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity are helping IBM expand its activities with a new innovation centre in Copenhagen. Within two years, 250 IT professionals will be employed at the new centre. The first talents will join already by the beginning of 2017.

Denmark’s unique position as an innovation lab with access to highly skilled IT talents with a solid business acumen has been the main reason for IBM’s choice of Denmark as the location for its new innovation centre. The centre is expected to bring IBM closer to its Danish clients, making it easier for them to collaborate on creating new innovative digital solutions.  Announce the MFA of Denmark October 5, 2016 © MFA of Denmark 


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August 2016 

The Leadership of Denmark and its Armed-Forces in NATO Resolute Support

On July 14, Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen visited Danish Troops stationed in Afghanistan in the NATO Mission. Minister Jensen highlighted the occasion of his visit had been, first of all to say thank you to all Danish Troops serving in the NATO  Resolute Support.  And also to assess the situation in Afghanistan directly.

Foreing Minister Kristian Jensen visited Danish Troops in Afghanistan July 2016 Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen with the  Danish Troops in NATO Resolute Support in Afghanistan. July 14, 2016 © MFA of Denmark 

Denmark is one of the main Troops and Financial contributors to Afghanistan from ISAF Mission to NATO’s Resolute Support.  In Mai 2016 Danish Parliament ratified the Government’s plan on strengthening Danish Contingent in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan and the increase of the  Financial aids continuing throughout  2020.

Additional:  Denmark will bolster its Military Support to Afghanistan



July 2016 

Denmark’s leading Role in the UN Development Aid

Denmark –  with Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands is  part of an exclusive group of countries.  Announced by the MFA of Denmark

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The countries are the only ones to live up to the UN’s goal of giving at least 0.7 percent of the GNI in development aid.  These are the findings of a preliminary report for 2015 published today by the OECD, an international economic cooperation organisation.

“We can be proud to belong with this group of countries that live up to the UN’s goal. We were part of it last year and this year, and we will be part of it again next year,” expressed Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen.”  April 13, 2016 © The  MFA of Denmark 

Additional Reference: Denmark and WFP sign Strategic Partnership agreement at World Humanitarian Summit




May 2016

Denmark will bolster its Military Support to Afghanistan

From the time when the International Security Assistance Force ‘ISAF’ was established in 2001, and later transformed to non-Combat ‘Resolute Support’ in January 2015, the Royal Danish Armed Forces has been playing a potent role in both Operations. On the Financial scale Denmark has been also providing substantial amount of Humanitarian, Economic and Educational Aid to Afghanistan since 2001.

The recent announcement by the Government affirms with the further measures to bolster its Military support to Afghanistan– that to be applied on both:

  • Military Contingent, with the new increase in the number of Danish Troops in the region
  • And the increase of Financial support of USD 15 million annually throughout 2020 to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces.

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We have decided to continue our financial support to the Afghan Security Forces at the current level throughout 2020 and to increase our contribution to NATO’s training mission in Afghanistan. It is necessary that we stand together with the international society and continue to support Afghanistan, so that the country can get back on its feet and fight the terrorists. It is a difficult and fragile situation, but we must help the Afghans in their stabilisation efforts, so that they can see a future in their own country. This is also in Denmark’s best interests,” states Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen. May 12, 2016 © Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark

“The efforts of our Danish soldiers in Afghanistan have helped to make a difference in the country. We are now building upon this by strengthening our military contribution. The security situation in Afghanistan remains under pressure, and it is therefore crucial that the international society continues to offer its support.” Affirmed the Minister of Defence Peter Christensen. May 12, 2016 © Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark                Continue to read





May 2016

The United States praised Denmark for its vital Military Leadership in the NATO and in the Counter-ISIL Combat

The U.S Defense Secretary Carter met with  Defense Minister Peter Christensen of Denmark in Stuttgart, Germany on May 4th to discuss a range of Security-Defence issues and the upcoming NATO summit in July.

Defense Secretary Carter thanked Denmark for intensifying its Military presence in Counter-ISIL combat and Denmark’s Military Leadership in continuing its support to NATO and the regional Security.

Denmark’s vital contribution to  NATO includes: 

  • Continuation of support for NATO’s regional Security
  • The Deployment of F-16 Fighter Aircraft to the Baltic and the Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Denmark’s leadership in Arctic security
  • And the continuation of support for NATO Resolute support Mission in Afghanistan.

(Source: May 4, 2016 U.S Department of Defense)




April 2016

Denmark the Frontrunner in the fight against Da’esh

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The Danish Parliament gave a milestone support for  Denmark to thrust ahead as a Frontrunner in the fight against Da’esh


On the occasion of this approval Minister Kristian Jensen stated:

“The fight against Da’esh is now entering a new phase. The global coalition has succeeded in denying Da’esh safe-havens and forcing the organisation back on the ground as well as disrupting its financial access and economic sustainment. But Da’esh still poses a major threat to the civilian population in the region – and to Europe through terrorist attacks and foreign terrorist fighters.  Therefore, we must increase the Military pressure on them.” Continue to read

 Described by the MFA, Denmark currently contributes to the fight against Da’esh  in three fields:

  • Redeployment of a F-16 Fighter Jet contribution, consisting of four operational F-16 fighter jets and up to three in logistical reserve. This contribution includes up to approximately 110 people. The fighter jet contribution will available for the full spectrum of air operations.
  • A Contingent comprising Special Forces of up to approximately 60 persons.
  • A C-130J Tactical Air Transport Aircraft contribution comprising up to approximately 60 people, depending on the specific location and the ability to draw on existing support functions.  April 19, 2016 ©MFA Denmark 

I am pleased that a large majority has voted for the extended Danish Military engagement against the terrorist organisation Da’esh. With the broader mandate we will be able to fight Da’esh across the border to Syria leaving them nowhere to hide. It is important that we continue the fight and push even harder as they are currently being pushed back.

The Danish Military capabilities are in high demand and it is without doubt that our Soldiers are highly professional and well trained. I have the highest respect for their enormous dedication both previously and currently and I am confident that they will deliver on a high level during the coming deployments as well.”  affirmed Defence Minister Peter Christensen. April 19, 2016 © MFA Denmark 

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March 2016

Denmark’s new Humanitarian aid to UNMAS

Sponsor_Ministry_UK of Denmark protected by Copyright LAWThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has allocated new aid to United Nation agency UNMAS to help Mine Action Response.  

This contribution reflects our strong and consistent support for the United Nations in its delivery and coordination of mine action. Mine action is a vital component of humanitarian response in conflict and post-conflict settings for protection of civilians and safe access for other humanitarian actors. We call upon others to follow our lead and increase support to mine action to  protect the civilians who are bearing the brunt of protracted armed conflict in many countries.” stated Kristian Jensen, Minister for Foreign Affairs. March 7, 2016 ©MFA Denmark/ UNMAS 

Denmark has announced a contribution of USD 4.4 million to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Action. This contribution will support the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) humanitarian mine action response   Continue to read the announced by the UNMAS
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