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The Leadership of the United Kingdom in NATO….. in Europe…… and in the World

                  Royal Air Force Tornado GR4The UK Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 in Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, USA.
The RAF fast Jet was, among 150 Aircraft taking part in the Exercise, hosted by the United States Air Force  2014© The Ministry of Defence UK


November 2016

The UK Armed-Forces and its vital leadership in Iraq


Nov 24 2016 ©UK Foreign Office 

Additional: Defence Secretary announces UK-French missile cooperation November 2016 

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September 2016

The UK Royal Navy in the NATO, EU Maritime Security Operations

Throughout the centuries, with the renown stance at seas, most of which resulted in discoveries and establishing……..nations on the new and the unknown territories,  the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy holds the golden chapters in the Naval history.

In our current era the Royal Navy– still is positioned as the leading Force to protect, not only the European waters but in the wider scope the international maritime security, next to the United States. 

A view to the essential contributions of Royal Navy in the recent years of NATO and EU Maritime Security operations: 

  1. Operation Atalanta                   Atlantic Patrol Tasking           Exercise Baltops 
  2. Operation Sophia         Combined Task Force 150         Standing NATO Maritime Group 
  3. Operation Kipion             Kipion MCMV           NATO Mine Counter-Measures Force



Video courtesy of the Royal Navy                                                                                                                                                                 By Catherine Stella Schmidt  






September 2016

The United Kingdom leadership in the UN Peacekeeping Missions



Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon hosted a UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial in London on 8 September 2016. The participants from 80 countries agreed to provide more supports for the UN Peacekeeping missions and the Humanitarian interventions.

The objectives of the conference: 

  • To improve the planning of peacekeeping operations – so the UN can better match requirements to capabilities;
  • To implement the pledges made back in September – to guarantee the UN can continue to field its force in the future;
  • To up the performance of peacekeepers so UN forces are: better-led and better-trained; better balanced – with more women participating; and more capable of protecting civilians on the ground – including by implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda and preventing incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse.  Announced by the UK MOD Sep 7 2016 
  1. Additional: Opening Speech by Secretary of  State for Defence The Rt Hon Michael Fallon 
  2. Speech delivered by Baroness Anelay, Minister of State for the UN, at the UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial in London on 8 September 2016


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April 2016

The UK Royal Navy and its Global Leadership


The United Kingdom, with the longest Naval history of Supremacy at Seas and the Oceans from the 9th Century onward, has an exceptional role– an eminent Leadership to exert in European Naval Force in  Operation Atalanta, the EU Naval Force in Operation Sophia, in the NATO’s counter-piracy Mission  Operation Ocean Shield and in recent NATO Operation in the Aegean Sea.

The Main Missions of the Royal Navy

  • Providing Security at Sea
  • Fostering International l Partnerships
  • Preventing Conflict
  • Maintaining the Readiness for Deployments
  • Protecting the Security of Transportation for UK, Europe and the Allies
  • And the Humanitarian Relief Operations


The Royal Navy in fostering International Partnerships

2014© Royal Navy



April 2016

The United Kingdom’s Leadership in NATO

On April 14 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg travelled to London and met with Prime Minister David Cameron. The meeting incorporated discussion on range of issues  that are challenging Europe, the subject of Global Security and the Nuclear Proliferation. The two leaders also discussed on the upcoming NATO Summit in July

        NATO Secretary General Jens and Prime Minister David Cameron April 2016  April 14, 2016 © NATO

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg highlighted that the World in a more unpredictable chart, NATO counts on the United Kingdom’s Leadership in addressing  these challenges and combating with the threats.  He also thanked United Kingdom for its crucial leadership in  NATO’s Collective Defense and the UK’s leading contribution to NATO which is the second to the U.S.

“NATO and the European Union are two organisations which are vital and which are working closely together in many different areas, and I would welcome even closer cooperation,” stated Secretary General  April 14, 2016 © NATO

In early March this year, Prime Minister Cameron announced an additional contribution to NATO’s recent Mission –by deployment of the Royal Naval Ship Mounts Bay in support of NATO Operation to the migrant crisis in the Aegean Sea


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October 2015

UK Royal Marines in the NATO Exercise Trident Juncture

October 9, 2015 ©NATO

Trident Juncture 2015

NATO Trident Juncture is a comprehensive Training Exercise with over  36,000 Military personnel from  30 Allied and Partner Nations added with 12 International Organizations, Aid Agencies and non-governmental Institutions.

The exercise is being executed in several locations and regions:

  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • The Mediterranean Sea
  • Canada
  • Italy, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands







June 25 2016

UK Armed-Forces Day 2015©UK Armed-Forces Day

UK Armed-Forces Day, 25 June

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November  2015

UK Armed-Forces Day 

Remembrance in 2015 by MOD UK

London Poppy Day, in its tenth year, is the country’s largest one-day street collection event, raising money to fund the Legion’s work supporting military personnel, veterans and their families. In 2014, troops and volunteer collectors last year raised £1.25m in the one day marathon appeal.   ©UK Army

London’s Poppy Day

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