The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo  EULEX

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EULEX is one of the largest Law-Enforcement Mission in the frameworks of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), launched in February 2008 and reached full Operational capacity in April 2009. The Mission assists the Kosovo Authorities in strengthening the Rule of Law in the areas of Security, Law-Enforcement, Judiciary and Customs.

EULEX Police and Customs Officers EULEX 2009EULEX Customs and Police Officers received praise for their work 2009 ©The EULEX

EULEX implements its mandate through two operational objectives:

It also  fosters contacts with Law-Enforcement and Police, Judicial Authorities in the Region and with INTERPOL and EUROPOL, to ensure their support to all investigations and liaises with relevant Serbian Authorities.  The mission consists mainly of:  Judges, Prosecutors, Law-Enforcement, Police Officers, and  Customs Officials.

With the Headquarters in Pristina, EULEX has a unified Chain of Command to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and to EU Member States (Political and Security Committee).  ©The EULEX in Kosovo

The Contributing Nations are from most of EU member States as well as Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States.

Austrian Police in EULEX 2014 Aus.GovAustrian Law-Enforcement and their significant contributions in the EULEX Kosovo October 2014 © Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior 

USNational Guard with EULEX Kosovo 2010The U.S National Guard working with KFOR and EULEX  2010 © The North Dakota National Guard



January 2017

Interview with the Deputy Head of EULEX Kosovo

In the first exclusive interview series of 2017, we have the greatest honour to hear point of view from Brigadier General Bernd Thran, Deputy Head of EULEX Kosovo about the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo EULEX.






Brigadier General Bernd Thran, Deputy Head of EULEX Kosovo, 2017 © EULEX/ US EU World Affairs


Q: Herr General would you please give us an overview to EULEX mission and its operational pillars.

First of all allow me to thank you for giving me, and the Mission, the opportunity to explain what EULEX has already achieved and will continue to deliver throughout its current mandate. But back to your question: in June 2016 the Member States of the European Union and the Kosovo Government agreed on a new mandate for EULEX, leading to the creation of a new Operational Plan to direct the Mission’s activities until June 2018 when the current mandate expires.  The EULEX mandate consists of two operational objectives: monitoring, mentoring and advising, and executive. These are delivered through the Strengthening and Executive Divisions.

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May 2016

EULEX on Border Security Training

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo ‘EULEX’  upgrades the Expertise of its Border Security Officers 







May 11, 2106 © EULEX

In the first week of May, EULEX conducted a special Training for the Law-Enforcement on ‘Drug Detection Training Course’.   Described by EULUX Public Office, the training was delivered by two UK Border Force Trainers at Pristina International Airport (PIA), and aimed to upgrade the expertise of the the Kosovo Border Police and Customs Officers in the areas of:

  • Border Security
  • Detect/seizing all categories of prohibited drugs
  • And  control/interview and arrest the drug traffickers. May 11, 2106 ©EULEX

News from EULEX                                              News from KFOR


The Leadership of Austria in EULEX

2-Austrian Police in EULEX 2014 Aus.GovAustrian Law-Enforcement in the EULEX Kosovo 2014 © Osterreich BMI 

As a EU member State– in the last 50 years Austria has been one of the most important  contributor to the European and International Law-Enforcement Missions in overseas, including in the recent years deployments in : Afghanistan, Georgia, Kosovo and Palestine.



September 2015

The United States ensured more Support for EULEX in Kosovo

U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie visited EULEX Headquarters 2015

The U.S Ambassador and the Head of EULEX, Kosovo, September 25,2015 © The EULEX

The U.S Ambassador Greg Delawie to Kosovo met with the Head of EULEX Mission Gabriele Meucci at EULEX Headquarters to discuss various issues for strengthening the Rule Law in Kosovo. The meeting was to ensure, the United States support for continuation of EULEX Mission.


August  2015

The Leadership of U.S Army and the National Guard in EULEX

US and EULEX hold Training Sep 2015The U.S National Guard and the ‘EULEX CPF’  during training in Kosovo. August 31, 2015 © The U.S Army/Sgt. Erick Yates

The U.S  Army and the Alabama National Guard Train the EULEX

In the ongoing process of Enhancement, in August 2015 the U.S. Army EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) technicians form the Alabama National Guard’s 666th, held a special Training for the Security Officers of the Close Protection Force from the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo ‘EULEX’s CPF’ on Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo.

The Training was formulated to upgrade, the Close Protection Force Unite of the EULEX,   with the latest techniques on how to detect the explosive devices including the IEDs




European Union Military Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina                      EUFOR –Protected by the Copy-Right Law


The Leadership of EUFOR in establishing Peace and Stability in Europe

©EUFOR Public Affairs Office 2014


European Union Military Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Operation ALTHEA  is the European Union’s Military Contribution to the Stabilisation and Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European Family of Nations. The Operation was launched in December 2004. It  has contributed to the maintenance of the safe and secure environment in BiH ever since. The launch of Operation ALTHEA followed the decision by NATO  to conclude its SFOR-Operation and the adoption by the UN Security Council of resolution 1575 authorizing the deployment of an EU Force (EUFOR) in BiH.  The European Union’s Mission Statement.

In the framework of Operation ALTHEA, the EU initially deployed 7000 troops, to ensure continued compliance with the General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP) in BiH and to contribute to a safe and secure environment. Operation ALTHEA is carried out with recourse to NATO Assets and Capabilities, under the ‘Berlin Plus Agreement’


  • To provide Capacity Building and Training to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) and supporting them in their progression towards NATO standards
  • To provide deterrence and continued compliance with the responsibility to fulfill the role specified in Annexes 1A and 2 of the Dayton/Paris Agreement (General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH)
  • To contribute to a Safe and Secure environment in BiH, in line with its mandate
  • And to achieve core Tasks in the OHR’s Mission Implementation Plan, the Stabilization and Association Process (SAP)

 Major General Johann Luif from Austria holds the Commanding Position of the EUFOR BiH (Operation Althea)

 ©EUFOR Public Affairs Office



March 2016

The United Kingdom and its Leadership in Western Balkans

The United Kingdom has been long– advocating the path of Western Balkans into European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization by:

  • Political Measures: Educational sponsorship, providing help for Training and Reforms for helping the region to be qualified for EU-NATO full Membership.

See implemented and the on going Projects UK and Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Military Presence:  for Conflict Prevention and helping the process of Peace and Stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) since 2004 in the European Union Force EUFOR
    –Just in recent year, in June 2014 the UK Armed-Forced deployed two additional reconnaissance platoons to strengthen the EUFOR capability in BiH.

  –In the same year, in response to the request by the EUFOR, the UK Armed-Forces   deployed an additional of 95 troops to upgrade the EU Peacekeeping Mission in BiH.

  • Multi-Financial Aid Package: for various Social and Economic Projects
    –Between 2010- 2015 the UK Foreign office allocated the additional £3 million for supporting the Reforms in Judicial System and promote the Freedom of Media for: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia (and Turkey).

In 2015 Prime Minister David Cameron announced, in EU Summit-Brussels, another package of aid £20 million for Training and Good Governance Fund for Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Additional Projects/References:

New UK funding to build stronger and more Democratic Nations in the Eastern Balkans, 2015

UK Government Policy: Stability in the Western Balkans 2010-2015

See news from UK Diplomatic Mission in BiH

In addition to its outstanding Military Leadership, Austrian Cultural Engagements in Bosnia Herzegovina

Kulturjahr Österreich – Bosnien und Herzegowina 2016


By Catherine Stella Schmidt








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