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August 2016 

The Swedish Naval Leadership in Operation Atalanta

At the end of July on the 29 in the UK HQ Office of the European Naval Force OP. Atalanta, Rear Admiral Cristobal Gonzalez-Aller  from Spanish Navy assumed the leadership of Deputy Operation Commander from Rear Admiral Jonas Wikstrom of Swedish Navy.

Rear Admiral Jonas Wikstrom has been the  Deputy Operation Commander European Union Naval Force Somalia since January 2016. His outstanding leadership during his term covered the entire aspects of the OP Atalanta and the enhancement of the Maritime Security off the Horn of Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

Rear Admiral Jonas Wikstrӧm (right) and Rear Admiral Cristobal Gonzalez-Aller (left) July 2016




Rear Admiral Jonas Wikstrom  of Swedish Navy (left) and Rear Admiral Cristobal Gonzalez-Aller of Spanish Navy (right) July 29, 2016 © EU NAVFOR

“It has been a privilege to serve with Operation Atalanta and to meet the Sailors, Marines and Airmen who are working tirelessly on a daily basis to ensure that the humanitarian aid destined for the Somali people, as well as Vessels carrying goods to and from Europe, arrive at their destination safely.  I wish Rear Admiral Gonzalez-Aller and the rest of the Operation Atalanta team the very best of luck – stay steady!”   Expressed  Rear Admiral Wikstrom. July 29, 2016 © EU NAVFOR





15 May 2016

To portray European Power,  one has to see it beyond the mainstream media,  comprehend it  deeply all the way,  stretching to ……the Arctic Sea……the Lands of Nordic:  their History, Culture…..Philosophy…..Art and Literature.  On the Political sphere,  their centuries of  Diplomatic achievements….and on Defence……their Military might.  They possess the North and the Baltic Seas…..and the every waves of Arctic Ocean. They  were the first  to journey into a New World,  the first settler on the vast beautiful  Land , before the British Empire re-discover and establish it as the Land of Shimmering dream…… later called….. ‘The United States of America’

The relation between the United States and the Nordic Region is not the contemporary but the most cherished and ranks the Legendary one — as President Obama described it in his speech of this year’s Summit:  “The Extraordinary Countries and Extraordinary Friends   (Excerpt from a Political text ‘Sublime and Beautiful Europe and the United States’  by Catherine Stella Schmidt) 

The U-S Nordic Leader Summit held in Washington DC on May 13,  had been established following President Obama’s meeting with the Nordic Leaders in Sweden in 2013.  The summit was  to affirm the U.S-Nordic Partnerships,  standing on centuries of shared Philosophy, Ideals and Western values. Continue to read the article on our site: U.S-Nordic Leaders Summit 2016


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May 2016

Sweden and its Leadership in promoting Human Rights

Democracy and Human Rights are covered by appropriations that are part of expenditure area 1 – Governance – of the central government budget. © MFA of Sweden    Continue to read

Democracy and human rights in the central government budget

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April 2016

The Sweden Government applied a new investment in a new Swedish-Jewish museum

It is proposed that the Jewish Museum in Stockholm receive a contribution of SEK 1.5 million in 2016 for the establishment of a new Swedish-Jewish museum.  April 15, 2016 © MFA of Sweden     Continue to read 

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November 2015

Sweden Leadership in NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg meets with the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan LofvenSecretary General Stoltenberg during his meeting with Prime Minister Loefven. 9.November 2015 ©NATO          

In his first official visit to Sweden, NATO Secretary General met with Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, high Official members of the Parliamentary Committees on Defense and Foreign Affairs of Sweden to discuss the Security of Nordic States and the crucial role that Sweden has been playing and expected to extend in the years to come.

Secretary General expressed NATO gratitude to Sweden– for its continuous contribution to NATO’s Operations and Exercises in the various parts of the world including: Afghanistan, Kosovo and in NATO Response Force by highlighting:  “ Sweden is one of NATO’s most active Partners.” 

On the changing world and the emerging news challenges NATO Secretary General emphasized:

To respond effectively we all have to adapt,” 

and continued  “Our focus is Collective Defense, but also Crisis Management and Cooperative Security.”

“It makes sense to deepen our cooperation further. Not just among Nordic Allies and partners, but also with our Baltic Allies.” ©NATO          


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February 2015

The Royal Swedish Navy in European Naval Force

On February 16th , Rear Admiral Thörnqvist visited the EU Naval Force  Headquarters in London and met with the Operation Commander of the EU Naval Force, Major General Martin Smith MBE, and several other high ranking Military Commanders.

General Martin Smith MBE, Rear Admiral Jan Thoernqvist Deputy Commander of the EU Naval Force Rear Admiral Paolo Pezzutti, Deputy Chief of Staff from NATO Commondore Arian Minderhoud 2015

The Operation Commander of the EU Naval Force Major General Martin Smith MBE (right) Rear Admiral Jan Thörnqvist(second from right) Deputy Commander of the EU Naval Force Rear Admiral Paolo Pezzutti (third from right) Deputy Chief of Staff from NATO Commondore Arian Minderhoud (fourth from right) London, March 2015 ©European Union Naval Force Operation Atalanta

He also met with the Swedish Military personnel and the International Military staff working at the Headquarters.
During this visit Rear Admiral Thörnqvist was briefed about the progress made thus far, and the planning ahead for the Counter-Piracy Mission in the ‘Operation Atalanta’

In the February 2015, the Royal Swedish Navy has assumed also the Command of the EU Naval Force in ‘Operation Atalanta’ for the second time.




February 2015

European Naval Force in Operation Atalanta-2

On February 13th, Rear Admiral Haggren from the Royal Swedish Navy has assumed Command of the EU Naval Force at the Sea in Operation Atalanta.

Rear Admiral Guido Rando, Deputy Commander of the EU Naval Force Rear, Admiral Paolo Pezzutti And The New Force Commander Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren, 2015 EUNAVFOR

The new  Commander Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren (right)with Rear Admiral Paolo Pezzutti(centre) and Rear Admiral Guido Rando the Deputy Commander of the EU Naval Force (left) February 2015 ©European Union Naval Force Operation Atalanta

This transferring Command makes the second time for the Royal Swedish Navy to be in Command of the Counter-Piracy Task Force on the coast of Somalia.

“I am looking forward to this important role and am confident that we will do our very best to support the operation.” elaborated Rear Admiral Haggren in his speech during the ceremony.

As the new Commander of the Operation, in one of his first official tour Rear Admiral Haggren visited ‘Frigate FGS Bayern’ from the German Navy on February 24th. His visit was warmly welcomed by the Commanding Officer Commander Frank Fahnrich and the crews.


EU-Task-Force-Commander-Rear-Admiral-Jonas-Haggren-visited-German-Navy-frigate-FGS-Bayern 2015 EUNAVFOR Commander Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren during his visit the German Navy Frigate, FGS Bayern February 2015 ©European Union Naval Force Operation Atalanta

The EU Naval Force for Operation Atalanta is the largest combined European Naval forces that are working in unison for Counter-Piracy in the coast of Somalia. The mission was established under UN Security Council and was mandated and set into Operation since December 2008. 

In November 2014 the Council of European Union announced the extension of the mandate for Operation Atalanta until 12 December 2016.

There are currently 21 EU States and 2 non-EU States are taking part in this Mission.


*For more details on die Bundeswehr’s engagement in Operation Atalanta please see also: http://deutschlandinderwelt.org/2013/06/15/die-operation-atalanta-1/






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