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November 2016

The leadership of the Netherlands on Human Rights Front




The Human Rights Tulip   is an award of the Dutch government,  organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for:

Courageous Human Rights Defenders who promote and Support Human Rights in Innovative ways.

  1. Additional:  The U.S Department of State Human Rights Defenders’ Fund
  2. The United Kingdom’s Foreign Policy on promoting Human Rights in the World

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September 2016

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Israel an enduring partnership

On his official trip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Netherlands and met with HRH King Willem-Alexander at the Noordeinde Palace in the Hague and with Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The meeting was to bond a deeper political, diplomatic, innovation and economic relations between the two countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                           During this trip  Prime Minister Netanyahu also met with Senate President, House of Representatives Speaker,  and members of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee of Dutch Parliament. 

Excerpts of PM Benjamin Netanyahu remarks during the press conference with PM Mark Rutte: 

Prime Minister Rutte Mark, it’s a pleasure to be back here in the Netherlands. You are a great friend of Israel, a great personal friend and I think a great champion of peace.”

“So all civilized nations must band together to defeat this scourge in Syria and Iraq. But if we don’t also band together to defeat militant Islam in other parts of the Middle East, more will die, and millions more will flee their homes.  Where will they go? One place – Europe.”                                               “I know that many in Europe are beginning to understand this as well – that Israel is not only defending itself, Israel is also helping to defend Europe. We share with you, our dear friends, our experience, our technology, and other capabilities. In the fight against Islamist terror, the Netherlands has no greater friend than Israel.” September 6, 2016 © The Office of PM Netanyahu

“Let me begin with a warm welcome to Prime Minister Netanyahu. Our two countries share a long standing relationship that means a great deal to us both. In our meeting we reaffirmed our commitments to take that relationship further, at both the government level, in business, investment and innovations.” Elaborated PM Mark Rutte at the beginning of press statement.

September 6, 2016 © The Office of PM Netanyahu

Additional: The Leadership of Israel in NATO 


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July 2016 

The Netherlands Leadership to demine the conflict affected Region in the World

The Netherlands Government is determined to eradicate Landmines within 10 years in more than 13 Countries in the World

The devastating impact of landmines doesn’t stop when the violence ends. Emergency workers are left unable to reach the places where they’re needed, refugees can’t return home and farmers can’t access their land. Before peace and stability can return, these deadly things have to be cleared away.’  Explained Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Lilianne Ploumen  July 20, 2016 © The MFA of the Netherlands 

The Netherlands is one of the largest donors when it comes  demining, and wants to see Landmines eradicated within 10 years. The Dutch government will provide its full support in 3 Major Demining Projects in 13 Countries in the Word.  Announced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In the last last 4 years, Worldwide, the Netherlands has:

  • Demined  almost 52 million m2 of Land
  • Educated more than 2 million people about the dangers of Landmines
  • Provided support to more than 5,000 families of victims by the Landmines
  • And purchased/provided 114 Ambulances, Trained over 425 Nurses to care for the Landmine victims                     July 20, 2016 © The MFA of the Netherlands 

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July 2016

The Netherlands to Co-chair  anti-ISIL Coalition Conference in Washington DC

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders will participate in a conference in Washington DC on Wednesday 20 July on stabilising the Security situation in Iraq, which has been seriously disrupted by the terrorist organisation ISIL. The Netherlands is Co-Chairing the conference, at which Foreign Minister Koenders will meet counterparts from more than 20 countries. July 19, 2016 © MFA of the Kingdom of the  Netherlands




July 2016

Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte to the European Parliament  July 5 2016

Speech of PM Rutte at the European Parliament July 5 2016July 5, 2016 © The Office of PM Rutte













































December 2015 

‘December 10 The International Human Rights Day’

Netherlands and its Leadership in Promoting Human Rights in the World
The efforts to support Human Rights Defenders have been always main priority for Dutch Government and its policy. Those important measures are, not limited, but include:

  • Financing projects through the Human Rights Fund to enable Human Rights Defenders to carry out their work more safely and effectively;
  • Furthering the visibility of Human Rights Defenders, since visibility can sometimes help make them safer;
  • Attending trials of Human Rights Defenders to step up pressure for fair trials;
    Organising the conference ‘Speak Truth to Power’ on 21 and 22 January 2014, attended by human rights defenders and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU member states and EU institutions;
  • Providing temporary residence to about 10 Human Rights Defenders every year through the project Shelter City. The Hague, Middelburg, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Maastricht are currently designated Cities;
  • Awarding the Human Rights Tulip annually to a courageous and innovative organisation or individual for furthering human rights. Nominees for the Human Rights Tulip can come from anywhere in the world.     ©The Dutch Government 

Dutch Governments Leadership on Supporting the Human Rights Defenders

The Human Rights Award Tulip by the MFA of Netherlands










April 2015 

The United States of America and the Netherlands an enduring Partnership

Remarks by Secretary Kerry and Dutch Foreign Minister Koenders, during their Bilateral meeting

April 30 2015 ©U.S Department of State





Diplomacy in Action Department of State March 2104

The third Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague, the Netherlands

































































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