Seemingly long centuries ago Empire……, Rome still possesses the Cultural and Political influences that appeal not only to intellectuality yet to emotion as well.  The Roman’s Territory, called as today Italy,  shall stands forever…….. at the  center of history for Western Civilisation and Unity.






October 2015

Italian Navy has assumed the Force Command of Operation Atalanta






The Force Commander Rear Admiral Barbieri  October 8, 2015 ©EU NAVFOR


In an official ceremony Rear Admiral Stefano Barbieri of Italian Navy assumed, from Spain, the Force Command of the EU Naval Force in Operation Atalanta.  

“Whilst there have been no successful acts of piracy recently, this does not mean that the threat from piracy has gone away. The situation in Somalia is still fragile. We must remain vigilant and continue to work together to ensure that the pirates are not given the opportunity to get out to sea and attack merchant ships and their crews for ransom.”  highlighted Rear Admiral Stefano Barbieri during the ceremony of assuming the Command. October 8, 2016 ©EU NAVFOR

In a few week time, by mid November, the EU Naval Force Flagship will be also handed over to  ITS Carabiniere of Italy.
















The Leadership of Italy in the World

Italy in EU

The Permanent Mission of Italy to NATO

The Permanent Mission of Italy to UN




The United States of America and Italy

The Diplomatic Mission of Italy to the U.S

The Diplomatic Mission of United States to Italy



Remarks by U.S Secretary John Kerry and Italian Foreign Minister Gentiloni, in the State Department Washington DC

December 2014 ©U.S Department of State













































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