The U.S Flag Day June 14

Uncommon, paramount and brave, for centuries the U.S flag has been standing as the pillars of the Human Rights and Democracy….transcending every political thoughts and the form of governments.                     

The U.S flag not only illustrates the red, white, and the blue blended with the splendorous stars, but above that it presents and magnifies the ideal of Freedom and Liberty on the world-dimensional setting. It is the unparalleled, first… and the final aspirations of hope.

June 13, 2018 ©U.S Army          
By Catherine S. Schmidt, Editor in Chief  (copyrighted material)
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March 2023

U.S. Armed Forces in Multinational Exercise Arctic Forge 23

The U.S and European armed forces are joining in one of the largest multinational exercise, Arctic Forge 23, to demonstrate their shared capabilities and the rapid deployment of combat-credible forces.

The Arctic Forge 23 aims to enhance the joint operational strategies and the modernization of winter warfare and logistics in support of NATO in the north. It is charted to converge in Finland’s Defense Exercise North, and the Exercise Joint Viking in Norway.

Launched in February 16th, the Arctic Forge 23 is a U.S. Army Europe and Africa-led exercise that continues through March 17th. The exercise is the U.S. Army’s Arctic strategy concept in the cold climate and high altitude on building capabilities and cooperation with the Nordic, and NATO allies and partner states for security and defense in the Arctic region. 




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January 2023 

NATO allies and partners in U.S Army-led Operation Atlantic Resolve

NATO allies and partner nations, U.S military including the National Guards, and most European armed-forces, coming closer than ever in multinational operation Atlantic Resolve 2023.                                                                     Since its launch in 2014, the U.S Army-led operation Atlantic Resolve has been one of the most crucial annual exercises which has developed exponentially the most needed strategies for defense and security of European.






Operation Atlantic Resolve creates and facilitates new ways of effective and highly rapid interoperability between the U.S, Europe; NATO allies and partner states. It builds deeper and expands further the pathways to increase constructive communications and understanding, greater interconnectivity and stronger partnerships at all levels in military operations.

Announced by the Army, V Corps  is in command of Atlantic Resolve rotational forces.

Stay tuned with U.S Army Europe and Africa for more updates on Op. Atlantic Resolve

Acknowledgment: Sources: U.S. Army Europe and Africa, U.S. European Command Public Affairs. Image ©U.S. Army Europe and Africa/ Atlantic Resolve Graphic. Article by Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt   

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January 2023 

The Northern Europe Chiefs of Defense Conference

In October 2022, the military officials from the U.S and Europe attended in the Northern Europe Chiefs of Defense Conference to discuss current regional security and strengthening defense cooperation. 

The 13 participant nations were including: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. And the military representatives from:


The two day conference was a crucial gathering and discussion platform which facilitated and reaffirmed among others the following objectives:

  • Highlighting the multi-dimensional aspects of the regional security;
  • Enhancing mutual defense cooperation among NATO members and partners;
  • The current developments in military technology and how to upgrade and complement the interoperability of NATO members and partner nations.

The conference is a yearly military event established by the U.S. European Command, taking place each year in a different European capitals. In 2021 the conference was held in Helsinki, Finland and the latest conference was in Oct 2022, in Warsaw, Poland.

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June 8 2022


Happy Birthday U.S. Army Europe and Africa 

  The Freedom Defenders




The Story of the United States Armed-Forces in Europe is the tale of General George Washington’s Continental Army …..and the French Idealistic Commander, General de Lafayette. 

It is the story of greatest Army in the World, the United States Army,  who has defended Europe from long centuries ago…..until the present time in an unconditional ways.

It is the story of the greatest partnerships of U.S-European Armed-Forces, the formation of the closest allies fighting in the same battlegrounds for keeping the light of freedom …….and humanity alive.  It is the story of U.S-European shared values….shared ideals and belief that unite us beyond the time and the geographical regions.

The story of the United States Armed Forces in Europe is the story of Freedom Defenders, …the tale of bravery….sacrifices….and heroism that project the well destined triumph, the winning of the hearts and minds.        

Acknowledgment: the U.S flag ©U.S Army National Guard 2016. By Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt   

originally published on June 8th 2020



June 2022

Special Edition Interview with the U.S Army KFOR Regional Command East (Series-3)

Special Edition on the Anniversary of NATO KFOR June 1999.

Interview with 1LT Catherine M. Bean, KFOR Regional Command East Public Affairs Officer, conducted by Editor in Chief.

Q 1: Over the last two decades Virginia Army National Guard has been the vital components of the NATO-led operation KFOR with its ongoing support and deployment to Kosovo.

  • Can you brief us about the current mission, and the roles that Virginia National Guard is holding in KFOR RC-East? And how the U.S Army battalion leads the multinational forces in Kosovo?

1LT Catherine M. Bean: The 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 29th Infantry Division, Virginia National Guard is the commanding unit of Kosovo Forces, or KFOR, Regional Command-East. Regional Command-East is one of two regional commands subordinate to KFOR Headquarters. Regional Command-East’s mission continues to support of the overall mission of KFOR and the United Nations mandate that guides KFOR. Regional Command-East remains committed, together with our partners, to provide a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all people and communities in Kosovo.

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May 2022

U.S-NATO Armed Forces in DEFENDER-Europe 22

Defender Europe 22  is one of the most significant multinational training exercises led by U.S Army. The exercise is held every year with the participation of most European armed-forces, NATO allies and partner nations.




Implementing the exercise at the wider scope of shaping and intensifying the operational readiness, the Defender Europe 2022 aims: 

  • To heighten the strategic readiness;
  • To fortify and enhance the interoperability between U.S-NATO allies and partners nations.

This year more than 3,437 service members from the United State are taking part in Defender Europe 22 encompassing: 

From the multi-national armed-forces the number includes 5,193 soldiers from: Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Great Britain.

 The exercise is from early May through June, announced by the Army.

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April 2022

The U.S-African Land Forces Summit 2022

“Resilient Institutions Build Resilient Leaders”

Official and military leaders from over 40 African countries’ armed-forces, encompassing the representatives of two third of the continent, came to Columbus city -Georgia in the United States to attend  the 10th African Land Forces Summit.

African Land Forces Summit (ALFS) is a multinational annual military event inaugurated in Washington D.C in 2010 with its theme on “Building and Maintaining Strong Relationships”. ALFS is coordinated by the U.S Army Southern European Task Force Africa ‘SETAF-AF’ and is held each year in different parts of Africa and the United States. 

The Summit extensively aims:

  • To strengthen the U.S- African’s military partnerships and reaffirm the United States commitment to African continent; 
  • To maintain the African continental security, peace and prosperity;
  • To enhance interoperability, cooperation, and the joint efforts;
  • To discussed range of military interests and work on the transregional security challenges. 

In 2018 the summit was attended not only by most African nations but also by the representatives of the NATO member States. 

“There is a popular saying: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. But, if you want to go far, go together’,” said Rohling. “The United States wants to travel together. The United States Army is committed to being a trusted, dependable partner. We highly value our partnerships. We want to strengthen our partnerships and expand new ones.”expressed Major General Andrew Rohling, Commanding General for U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa in the summit 2022

The next year’s African Land Forces Summit will be held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. 

“We look forward to planning the return of the African Land Forces Summit to the African continent in partnership with Division Gen. Aly Justin Dem and the Ivorian Armed Forces,” remarked Major General Andrew Rohling in the closing ceremony  ALFS 2022

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The National Day of Prayer in the United States

The National Day of Prayer is a special annual event observed on the first Thursday of every May in the United States. Although the day was established and declared by a joint resolution of Congress and President Harry S. Truman in 1952, the history of this significant yearly event goes back to the first prayer…


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