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January 2022

The United States Armed-Forces the Freedom Defenders

After twenty years in Afghanistan……..

The United States has never launched a military entry for a territorial interests or political gains. As history marks that almost all U.S interventions have been made based on the main objective of liberating nations; liberating peoples that had been kept in the chains of the despotic systems, tyrannical laws or the authoritarian governments.

No matter in which continents, regions, countries or nations we look in depth, the United States is unceasingly ....reckoned and seen as the ultimate forces of prominent…. liberator.

The captured images of horrified Afghans running in the Kabul airport along the U.S military aircraft, on the eve of August 16, 2021 portrayed desperations.…distress  and… mayhem in the aftermath of the news of the U.S military departure from Afghanistan.                                                        Yet beyond any words….. scripts and interpretations, it portrayed the authenticated tale of indelible chapter of the United States Armed-Forces, which overwhelmed friends and foes with the same degree of bewilder…..astonishment…. and…. awe. 
The United States has never lost a battle, conflicts or wars as its military possesses not only the sheer military might but beyond that it has the cultural and moral appeal which attracts, enchants,…and yet wins over no matter where it sets its presence.              …… it was,…. that happened, ……eventuated in Afghanistan. 

By Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt (Copyrighted material)

Acknowledgment: Afghans Run Alongside U.S. Military Plane at Kabul Airport ©NBC August 16, 2021




April 2021

U.S National Guard State Partnership Program-4


Dating back to 1993, the National Guard’s State Partnership Program (SPP) started with only 3 Baltic States. The initial objective of the program though was to improve the economic conditions and to give support and facilitate democracy in the Eastern European States devastated under communist law, the SPP developed rapidly and enlarged to a wide range of programs from economic aid to military training and joint exercises, civilian projects and humanitarians assistance.

“Our effort today to broaden and deepen our mutual relations [is] an effort that can make an important contribution to our ultimate goal of a united, free, and peaceful Europe.” elaborated  Secretary of Defense Cheney in his speech at NATO Headquarters in Brussels in April 1992.¹

In the course of almost three decades the National Guard (SPP) evolved, has expanded to 82 partnerships in 6 geographic Combatant Commands with 89 nations across the world. In today’s world not only in Europe but also in diverse parts of the world fostering democracy, stability, peace and building security and defense in many ways have been intertwined and connected to the U.S National Guard State Partnership Program. 

The Maryland (MD) National Guard is one of the pioneer States’ National Guard that formed the ‘SPP’ with one of the three Baltic countries, Estonia, from the beginning of the program in 1993.

MD National Guard has two State Partnership Programs (SPP) in Europe:

  • With Estonia established in 1993
  • With Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) since 2003

Both State Partnership Programs have been expanding through years. Just in 2019 the MD National Guard finalized successfully 84 projects, military exercises, events and training with its two SPP partner countries, announced by the National Guard.

“It’s all about sharing our experiences as the National Guard and building trust and confidence in the citizens of their country” expressed Army Maj. Gen. James A. Adkins, Maryland’s adjutant general. ©MD National Guard 2013

“Marylanders are always the consistent face when we need advice or assistance,” said at the seminar. “Whenever we have major challenges, we know that we can always count on our Maryland friends.” explained Estonian Ambassador Vseviov at the MD National Guard leaders assembled at the Dundalk Readiness Center Feb. 2020 ©National Guard/ Maj. Kurt Rauschenberg

At the civilian level, Maryland has additionally 10 partner cities with Estonia (Ref. US Embassy Estonia) 

  MD National Guard  Visit Maryland       University of Maryland                

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February 2021

U.S National Guard State Partnership Program-3

Iowa National Guard

The National Guard’s State Partnership Program (SPP) aspires to accentuate on building mutual, and enduring relationships between the National Guard states and territories with the partner countries. Under this program, the United States provides a wide range of assistance and aids to the partner countries, including: 
  • Capacity building;
  • Military and security training;
  • Helping to establish and develop the democratic and accountable civil and governmental institutions and offices;
  • Public safety; 
  • Assisting in economic development and growth.

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February 2021

U.S National Guard and its State Partnership Program-2

D.C National Guard

The State Partnership Program (SPP) initiated originally by Department of Defense in 1991, is a solid joint project with the State Department. The program is mainly implemented by the National Guard of every U.S State, territories, and the District of Colombia, as currently partnering with 89 nations across the different continents. 

Added to military engagements, the partnership also includes diplomatic, economic development, and capacity building plans.

The National Guard of District of Colombia has been in partnership with Jamaica (Western Hemisphere) since 1999. This partnership incorporates the completion of almost 20 engagements a year on a mutually benefited outcome.

The integral part of these engagements are highlighted as follows: 

  • Military training and exercises;
  • Military police training and domestic security, counternarcotic;
  • Border, port and aviation security;
  • Training against violent extremist organizations;
  • Detect, mitigation, and respond to natural/human-made disasters;
  • Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief;
  • Crisis management;
  • Medical, dental training, as well as the combat medical events. 

In February 2019 the D.C National Guard expanded its SPP by forming an additional partnership with Burkina Faso (West Africa).  

“The D.C. National Guard is proud to be a part of the multi-faceted relationship between the United States and Burkina Faso,”   

“I am confident that the D.C. National Guard and Burkina Faso will benefit from the extraordinary talents, skills and experiences each will bring to this exciting partnership”, expressed Army Maj. Gen. William J. Walker, D.C. National Guard Commanding General. ©U.S Army February 4 2019 ©D.C National Guard 


More Army news on D.C National Guard State partnership Program with Burkina Faso 

Expanded engagements in Burkina Faso, Promoting Prosperity and Growth

News from:  U.S Army Europe and Africa     U.S National Guard     U.S Embassy Jamaica

*Acknowledgment: the facts in the article are from District of Colombia National Guard, U.S Army. Image ©DoD/ Tech. Sgt. Arthur Mondale Wright. 


January 2021

The U.S National Guard and its State Partnership Program with the World-1

Established in 1993, the State Partnership Program (SPP) is the Department of Defense initiative that enables the National Guard of every U.S State to form a long term and mutual partnerships and a military to military engagements with a specific country across the globe. This partnership encompasses all areas of civil and military components, opening the pathway to robust engagements between the U.S Armed Forces and the military of the partner countries.  

Spanning nearly three decades of achievements and connectivity with the world, the SPP has materialized the valuable partnerships with one third of the world countries, building the most enduring international cooperation and bonds with over 89 nations in:

  • Africa;
  • Asia;
  • Central Asia;
  • Europe (Eastern, Western, Central, and the Baltic Region); 
  • Western Hemisphere.

In the framework of the National Guard State Partnership Program this time we introduce Alabama National Guard. 

From community works like building schools, bridges, hospitals, combing the medical teams of covid-19 response in 2020, to international disaster training and readiness, Alabama National Guard has been strengthening its partnership with Romania since 1993.

Through the SPP, Alabama and Romani have achieved over 200 crucial engagements which benefited both sides of the Atlantic.



Members of the Alabama National Guard welcome a team of specialists from the Romanian Ministry of National Defense at Montgomery Aviation. May 25, 2020

©National Guard /1SG Sandra D. Lucas. 

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European multinational disaster response exercise Blonde Avalanche 2020

Romanian defense chief visits Alabama National Guard

News from:   U.S Army Europe and Africa              U.S National Guard         

 U.S Embassy Romania             US Naval Forces Europe-Africa           

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June 14, 2020

The U.S Flag Day June 14

Uncommon, paramount and brave, for centuries the U.S flag has been standing as the pillars of the Human Rights and Democracy……..transcending every political thought and the form of governments.                     

The U.S flag not only illustrates the red, white, and the blue blended with the splendorous stars, but above that it presents and magnifies the ideals of Freedom and Liberty on the world-dimensional setting. It is the unparalleled, first……. and the final aspirations of hope.

June 13, 2018 © U.S Army

News from:   U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria                      News from U.S Army Europe 



March 2017

The United States and European Armed-Forces in Transatlantic Bond

Defense Secretary Mattis met with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at the Pentagon on March 21. The Two leaders discussed range of Defense and Security issues including, countering the emerging challenges, fighting with ISIS and strengthening the Transatlantic Relations.  






Washington DC, March 21, 2017 © US Mission to NATO


But I just also want to say thanks to you personally for your leadership, for the moral example that you set.  NATO, under you, is evolving to defend against aggression and respond to terrorist threats along the southern flank in the Mediterranean and the Turkish border.  
I look forward to engaging with the coalition members who are here this week on the counter-ISIS fight.  And I’m confident that NATO will, as always, be one of the leaders as we deal with this threat.” Highlighted Defense Secretary Mattis during his meeting with the NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at the Pentagon. March 21, 2017 © DoD Press Office

Emphasizing the importance of the Transatlantic Relations, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg during his meeting with the Defense Secretary Mattis expressed  : 

“Thank you so much. And thank you for welcoming me and my delegation. It’s great to be here in Washington, and to meet with you. And I also commend you for your strong personal support and leadership when it comes to NATO and the trans-Atlantic bond.”

“I think we all understand that in times of turmoil, in times of uncertainty, the need for strong international institutions as NATO is even greater.  So therefore, we need to adapt.  We need to strengthen NATO in response to the challenges and the — and the unpredictability we see surrounding us today.
Strong NATO  is, of course, good for Europe, and we are also grateful for the commitment of the United States to the security guarantees to Europe.  But strong NATO is also good for North America because stability in Europe is good for all of us.  Two world wars and the cold war have taught us all that peace and stability in Europe is important for Europe of course, but also for North America.
So I’m looking forward to go through the whole NATO and U.S. agenda, and discuss how we can continue to adapt NATO to a new and more demanding security” Pentagon,  March 21, 2017 © DoD Press Office

Defense Secretary Mattis, on the same day, met with  Defense Minister Niinisto of Finland at the Pentagon. 

“Minister, you’re very welcome here in the Pentagon.  We appreciate you taking your time to visit Washington and to meet here at the Pentagon — two democracies on opposite sides of an ocean, but we share a love of liberty and especially of independence.”

Our democratic nations can collaborate in defense of our values.  And in this regard, I look forward to joining you later this week and discussing our coalition effort against ISIS.  And I thank you for your contributions — the contributions of your elite forces to that fight against ISIS, to the NATO missions that you’ve contributed to and continue to, and of course to the U.N. missions which go even beyond just the purely military.”  Stated Defense Secretary Mattis during his meeting with Defense Minister Niinisto and Ambassador Kauppi of Finalnd. Pentagon, March 21, 2017 © DoD Press Office

Excerpts from the remarks by Defense Minister Niinisto during the meeting with Secretary Mattis at Pentagon:

“Thank you, Mr. Secretary, for receiving our delegation.  Finland takes its defense very seriously, and we see ourselves as providers of security, not consumers.”

“And I must emphasize that U.S.-Finnish bilateral defense relationship is on a strong basis.  The signing of the bilateral statement of intent last October in Helsinki was a concrete step to take the relationship even further.
Active bilateral training and exercise program has been an effective way to increase the interoperability of our forces.  And we look forward to continue this cooperation also in the future.  And I also look forward to a good discussion today.” Pentagon,  March 21, 2017 © DoD Press Office

Defense Secretary Mattis also met with Minister of Defense Maria Dolores de Cospedal of Spain on March 23.                                                                                                                                                                                                             And with Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos at the Pentagon on March 24.

Addition: Vice President Pence Re-assured Europe the United States’ Commitment

Sources: U.S DoD Public Affairs/NATO Public Affairs                     Follow us: @USEUWAffairs   



May 2016

U.S National Armed-Forces Day

In honour of….. the World’s greatest Freedom Defender…,the thundering Forces of resounding Liberator…..the United States Armed Forces.

May 21, 2016 © DoD

The United States National Armed Forces Day is celebrate on every third Saturday of May, to honour the service and the dedication of Military personnel across the United States.



March 2016

The U.S Marine Corps with Norwegian Armed-Forces in NATO Exercise Cold Response 16

The U.S. Marines and the Norwegians Armed-Forces have made their joint readiness for the NATO Exercise Cold Response 16  to be launched in early March in Norwegian Coastal Territory.  Added with the United States, participate over 12 NATO Allied including the UK, France, Denmark, Norway, Spain encompassing with 16,000 Troops to enhance their Crisis Response Capabilities, in the cold environment.

Later in March the U.S. Marine Corps  and the Norwegian Telemark Battalion will have bilateral training to improve their capabilities to operate in cold-weather condition.



November 2015

November 11 the Veterans Day

                            U.S. Army Special Forces. Nov. 2014 A U.S. Army Soldier from the Special Forces ©U.S. Army/Sgt. Ken Scar

In remembrance of the great sacrifices that the U.S Armed-Forces has made thorough out  of the history from the First World War until recently in Kosovo and Afghanistan, every year in the United States, November 11 is the Commemoration Day for honouring the Veterans.

Presidential Proclamation on Veterans Day, 2015



September 17,2015

President Obama met with the Heroes

President Obama welcomes the US Heroes From left Anthony Sadler, U.S. Army Specialist Alek Skarlatos and U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone at the Oval Office with President Obama. September 17, 2015 ©The White House/Pete Souza

The three American Heroes were welcomed in the White House and awarded with the ‘Presidential Challenge Coin’ by the President, for their Bravery act on the train from Amsterdam to Paris.

The Award ceremony at the Presidential Palace Elysee




The United States Navy Band in Presidential Inaugural Parade 2009

©The United States Navy Band





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