The U.S Army and Flag Day

In honour of the World Freedom Defenders the U.S Army and the United States Flag  June 14, 1775

  June 13, 2018 © U.S Army 

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Denmark for the UN Human Rights Council 2019/2021 (3)

                              Dignity, Dialogue  and  Development
are the main pillars upon which Denmark will press forward to promote Human Rights.                                                                      


“Common positions on promotion of Human Rights are only reached by listening to one another and understanding one another. On contentious and sensitive issues, Denmark seeks to promote mutual understanding among Council members and stakeholders with a view to improving cooperation in and around the Council. ”  December 2016 © MFA of Denmark 

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Denmark’s new Humanitarian aid to UNMAS

Austrian Armed-Forces ‘The Winner of Strong Europe Tank Competition 2017’

Austrian Armed-Forces placed on the Top for  2017  Strong Europe Tank Challenge  hosted by the U.S Army Europe and co-hosted the Bundeswehr. The German Army stands on the second followed by the United States.






Austrian Armed-Forces in the Award ceremony May 12, 2017 ©U.S Army Europe/Markus Rauchenberger

The competition covered intensive operational maneuvers for defense and offensive measures executed from May 7 to 12 in U.S 7th Army Training Command in Grafenwoehr, Germany.                                                         The Armed-Forces participants in 2017  Strong Europe Tank Challenge were included from:  Austria,  France,  Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the United States

May 2017 @7th Army Training Command 

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President Trump and the new American Era-2

  “America has always been the Land of dream, because America is a nation of true believers.

When the pilgrims landed in Plymouth they prayed. When  Founders  wrote the Declaration of Independence they invoked  ‘Our Creator’  four times. 

      Because in America we don’t worship government we worship God

Excerpt from President Trump’s speech at the Liberty University Commencement Ceremony, May 13 2017  ©The White House

Special: Watch President’s speech at the Liberty University Commencement Ceremony. May 13, 2017

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The Leadership of Austrian Armed-Forces ‘Elite Unit’ to Counter Global Threats

The Austrian Special Forces ‘The Elite’

   ©Austrian MOD/Army

Combined Resolve and the Leadership of U.S 7th Army Training Command

Promoting stability in the continent and fortifying European Armed-Forces have been the overall goals of the United States Army Europe. With that vision, the 7th Army Training Command  executes the high caliber diversified exercises, training and maneuvers on a monthly basis to upgrade the U.S-European Forces with the complex and multifaceted aspects of the combat zone, operational missions, and the interoperability of NATO members/partners and allies. 

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Belgium’s Candidacy for UN Security Council-5

    “Fostering Consensus, Acting for Peace

Belgian Development Cooperation is known for its consistent core funding of UN organizations and pledged to at least 50% of its aid to least developed countries. ( Belgium MFA) 

Only in 2016 Belgium’s Development Cooperation  donated €28 million to United Nations World Food Programme that reached people in 8 couturiers. (published by UN WFP January 9,2017) 

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