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June 2016

Cyber Defence   and Cyber Security are continuing to be the biggest challenges for the Western Nations, as from Cyber Crime to Cyber Espionage, they have now developed to the most sophisticated form of invisible Invasion. 

To defend our citizens and interest we need to learn more in Europe.  But also on  the Governmental level more close integration and joint Operational Platform will be necessary between the United States and Europe ( the EU and non-EU zone).

Additional:   NATO and Collective Cyber Defence  on our site

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April 2016

More about Cyber Security-2

Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3): News from EUROPOL

Before Connecting  a New Computer to the Internet: Security Tips by U.S Cert

Cyber Security UK GOV:   Cyber security guidance for business

Simple Step for Cyber Security

Fighting cybercrime in the Netherlands

Dutch Gov:  Forms of Cybercrime

Cyber Security German Gov: Internet with Security, Buerger Cert





February  2016

Learn more about Cyber Security-1


EU CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team )

Where to report Cyber Crime, By EUROPOL




 By EUROPOL   The Risks of using Public Wi-Fi 

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Learn about Cyber Security the Official website

European Cyber Crime Center

The U.S CERT ( Computer Emergency Response Team)

Cyber Security advisory page recommended by the UK

Cyber Security advisory page for public by the UK













































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