U.S. Armed Forces in Multinational Exercise Arctic Forge 23

The U.S and European armed forces are joining in one of the largest multinational exercise, Arctic Forge 23, to demonstrate their shared capabilities and the rapid deployment of combat-credible forces.

The Arctic Forge 23 aims to enhance the joint operational strategies and the modernization of winter warfare and logistics in support of NATO in the north. It is charted to converge in Finland’s Defense Exercise North, and the Exercise Joint Viking in Norway.

Launched in February 16th, the Arctic Forge 23 is a U.S. Army Europe and Africa-led exercise that continues through March 17th. The exercise is the U.S. Army’s Arctic strategy concept in the cold climate and high altitude on building capabilities and cooperation with the Nordic, and NATO allies and partner states for security and defense in the Arctic region. 

The participants from U.S Army are the 11th Airborne Division from Alaska, the 10th Mountain Division, and Virginia Army National Guard to join ‘Defense Exercise North’ with Finland. 

The members of II Marine Expeditionary Force, the U.S Army, and the military personnel from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom to take part in ‘Exercise Joint Viking’ in Norway.

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Acknowledgments: Sources: U.S. Army Europe and Africa, U.S. European Command Public Affairs. Arctic Forge 23 Logo ©U.S. Army Europe and Africa. Article by Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt