Denmark will bolster its Military Support to Afghanistan

From the time when the  International Security Assistance Force ‘ISAF’ was established in 2001, and later transformed to non-Combat ‘Resolute Support’ in January 2015, the Royal Danish Armed Forces has been playing a potent role in both Operations.  On the Financial scale, Denmark has been also providing substantial amount of Humanitarian, Economic and Educational Aid to the Afghanistan since 2001.

The recent announcement by the Government affirms with the further measures to bolster its Military support to Afghanistan– that to be applied on both: 

  • Military Contingent,  with the new increase in the numbers of Danish Troops in the region
  • And the increase of Financial support of USD 15 million annually throughout 2020 to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces

Sponsor_Ministry_UK of Denmark protected by Copyright LAWWe have decided to continue our financial support to the Afghan Security Forces at the current level throughout 2020 and to increase our contribution to NATO’s training mission in Afghanistan. It is necessary that we stand together with the international society and continue to support Afghanistan, so that the country can get back on its feet and fight the terrorists. It is a difficult and fragile situation, but we must help the Afghans in their stabilisation efforts, so that they can see a future in their own country. This is also in Denmark’s best interests,”  states Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen. May 12, 2016 © Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark

“The efforts of our Danish soldiers in Afghanistan have helped to make a difference in the country. We are now building upon this by strengthening our military contribution. The security situation in Afghanistan remains under pressure, and it is therefore crucial that the international society continues to offer its support.”  Affirmed the Minister of Defence Peter Christensen. May 12, 2016 © Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark    Continue to read