Denmark the Best European Country for Business Announced by the World Bank

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For the sixth year in a row Denmark is ranked the easiest  place in Europe to do business. Globally, only New Zealand and Singapore are ahead of Denmark in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business Index Report’. 

 “It is important for our ability to attract foreign investments that Denmark is one of the world’s best places to start and run a business. We will take advantage of the excellent ranking to make even more international companies aware of Denmark as an attractive place for doing business. I am also pleased to see that Denmark is the best country in the world to use as a base for International Trade.”  Elaborated Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen on this occasion.

About the World Bank’s Doing Business report

  • The ‘Doing Business’ report presents quantitative indicators on 11 areas of business regulation for 189 economies.
  • Denmark is ranked as the world’s third best country for business and number one in Europe.
  • The top 10 of the ranking is characterised by considerable stability and include, among others, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden.
  • The 11 areas of business regulation include, among others: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property, access to credit, paying taxes and trading across borders.   October 26, 2016 © Danish MFA
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  2. Denmark  is the Least  corrupt Country in the World, global report by Transparency International. 
  3. Denmark the Leading force in UN for Human Rights.

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