U.S and Nordic States are re-strengthening defense and security cooperation to enhance interoperability between NATO allies and partner nations, and to counter the emerging challenges in the High North and the Arctic region.

On March 1st 2023, the outcome of the Trilateral Enhanced Cooperation study, initiated originally in 2021, was finalized by the endorsement of Finland, Sweden, and the United States. Hosted by the U.S European Command the event took place at the USEUCOM HQ in Stuttgart, Germany by Defense representatives of the three contracting parties.

“The security challenges in the Arctic and Baltic Sea are greater and more complex than ever before,”…….. “The finalization of this collaborative study reaffirms the importance of continuously working together to identify opportunities for strengthening our collective deterrence capabilities to counter the current and emerging threats that could impact our shared security interests in the region.” elaborated  ©U.S. European Command Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. Steven Basham March 1, 2023 

The finalized Trilateral Enhanced Cooperation study is another milestone in the Transatlantic partnership. And it signifies forthright the United States unwavering commitments to Europe particularly in the High North, the Baltic Sea and the Arctic region.

Additional: The United States with Nordic and Baltic nations (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) in Enhanced Partnership in Northern Europe (E-PINE)

Acknowledgments: sources: USEUCOM. Article by Catherine S. Schmidt, Editor in Chief.