Europe needs to be United and above all Realistic

“We need to put an end to terrorism in Europe.”  elaborated Prime Minister Beata Szydło of Poland

The Prime Minister pointed out that it is important to remember about the attacks’ victims, but what is equally important is to look for Effective Measures which will enable Europe to face the bane of terrorism.  March 23, 2016 ©The office of PM Szydło/Press Office

Prime Minister Beata Szydło: Europe must unite in effective fight against terrorists


It is an open fact that in the recent years, dating back from September 11 2001 in the U.S with their central cell in Hamburg, the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013, the 2015 San Bernardino attack in the U.S,  just a few months ago in Paris,  and the March 22 in Brussels have been, mostly, perpetuated by those entered the U.S and Europe by the means of refugees and the illegal migration.

Following the recent attack on European Capital Brussels several of European Governments have resumed tightening their Security measures, re-adjusting  their previous policy of accepting the mass influx of illegal migration. 
Poland has also announced it will stop the process of accepting more refugees for now.

Hungary also from March 2016 accepts only Political Asylum seeker and Persecutes, not the mass influx of illegal migration. Reception Centres will be closed as soon as possible

Added to Hungary and Poland,  several other EU States, like Austria , Denmark, France, Norway, the Netherlands, and the U.K  have also closed or restricted their Borders  and made clear that will accept refugees but on a limited basis. The Same process have been applied by Australia, Canada, and the United States. ( there might be more European Countries but we are not aware)

Perhaps it is time for other European Governments to join the European and Transatlantic Community and accept the views of other European Countries – hence act accordingly.

In the eve of confronting the endless challenges of the 21 century– how could Europe become the de facto center of all sort of criminal activities from Cyber criminality to Jihadist and Terrorism– unless some of our Politicians are living, unfortunately, in an ideology of Irrational Radical Liberalism rooted in the Hallucinations, which in some way make them secretly, perhaps, sympathizer for the Jihadists and the Radicalism Posture.

How many more Bombs should go off, how many more innocent people should lose their lives before Europe wakes up and act on applying the needed Measures on Protecting its Borders.  

In the tragedy of Brussels attacks, again several High Level U.S Politicians also voiced their concerns over European Open-Border Policy and the lack of adequate Security Measures.  

(by Editor)