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Denmark the Best European Country for Business Announced by the World Bank

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For the sixth year in a row Denmark is ranked the easiest  place in Europe to do business. Globally, only New Zealand and Singapore are ahead of Denmark in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business Index Report’. 

 “It is important for our ability to attract foreign investments that Denmark is one of the world’s best places to start and run a business. We will take advantage of the excellent ranking to make even more international companies aware of Denmark as an attractive place for doing business. I am also pleased to see that Denmark is the best country in the world to use as a base for International Trade.”  Elaborated Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen on this occasion.

About the World Bank’s Doing Business report

  • The ‘Doing Business’ report presents quantitative indicators on 11 areas of business regulation for 189 economies.
  • Denmark is ranked as the world’s third best country for business and number one in Europe.
  • The top 10 of the ranking is characterised by considerable stability and include, among others, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden.
  • The 11 areas of business regulation include, among others: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property, access to credit, paying taxes and trading across borders.   October 26, 2016 © Danish MFA
  1. Additional: Denmark the top European States for Business.
  2. Denmark  is the Least  corrupt Country in the World, global report by Transparency International. 
  3. Denmark the Leading force in UN for Human Rights.

News from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark
News from Danish Mission to NATO
News from former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

The U.S-European Best Squad Winner of the 2016

Started on the October 22,  this year’s U.S-European Best Squad Competition was finalized on October 27 with the Armed-Forces of  Norway  in the first place,  Sweden and Belgium  in the second and the third.


The U.S-European Best Squad is the U.S Army Europe sponsored military competition covering over 30 events and 27 challenges in the period of four days.  The Armed Forces from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States  were the participants in 2016 competition.


The Best Squad Competition is designed to project a dynamic presence, foster military partnership and promote NATO and partner nation interoperability. Explained the U.S Army Europe on the importance of this event.  

News from Norway Armed-Forces                                      News from Norway MFA
News from Sweden Armed-Forces                                        News from Sweden MFA
News from Belgium Armed-Forces                                       News from Belgium MFA

News from U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria
News from US Naval Forces Europe-Africa
News from U.S Air Force Europe-Africa                       News from Strong Europe U.S Army     

Image: Norwegian Squad the first place winner of the 2016. October 27, 2016 courtesy of U.S Army Sources: U.S Army Europe 

Spanish Naval Force in Operation Atalanta-2

One of the important tasks of the European Naval Force in Operation Atalanta is Military outreach during the port visit.  


 The Naval crew of  ESPS Relampago with Convent Sisters. Djibouti October 26, 2016  © EU NAVFOR

Earlier this week the Spanish Naval warship ESPS Relampago  in its port stop in Djibouti, visited a Catholic charity school of Couvent de la Nativité.  The Commanding Officer of ESPS Relampago  presented the funds  which had been donated by the two Spanish charity foundation of ‘Caritas Castrense’ and ‘Asociacion Nuestra señora del Carmen’, and school materials provided by Spanish Navy School Colegio de Huerfanos de la Armada.                                                                                        

The Spanish  Naval Warship, ESPS Relampago has been part of Operation Atalanta in rotational deployment terms since 2012, when its  chapter in Operation Atalanta started with a successful  Rescue Operation that saved the lives of 68 people in the gulf of Aden.                                         

News from EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta
News from Spanish Navy                                              News from Spanish Armed-Forces
News from UK Royal Navy                                        News from the Royal Netherlands Navy

Sources: EU NAVFOR/ Spanish Navy 

The 10 Great Reasons to Invest in Denmark

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Denmark the Land of European Innovation and Technology presents the best reasons for Investment in its Territory. 

The Great 10 Good Reasons to Invest in Denmark  

  1. The safe choice
  2. Lucrative market access
  3. The most flexible labour market
  4. Highly qualified and motivated talent pool
  5. The perfect hub
  6. Easy business set-up
  7. World leader in cleantech and life sciences
  8. Cost efficient
  9. The world’s best test market
  10.  High quality of life

News from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark
News from Minister Kristian Jensen for Foreign Affairs
News from Danish Mission to NATO
News from former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

U.S-European Armed-Forces in NATO Exercise Silver Arrow 2016

Exercise Silver Arrow is a two-week Latvian-led exercise starting from October 17.  The participant Armed-Forces are from: Albania, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania, UK and the United States.

“The Exercise is to develop relationships and leverage Allied and partner nation capabilities preserving peace through strength. And it is part of  Operation Atlantic Resolve, a U.S. lead effort being conducted in Eastern Europe to demonstrate U.S. commitment to the collective security of NATO and dedication to enduring peace and stability in the region.” Highlighted by the DVIDS October 17, 2016 


October 18, 2016 © US Mission to NATO

Sources: DoD/ U.S Mission NATO/U.S Army Europe

Belgium’s Candidacy for UN Security Council -3

  logo-belgium-un-security- council Protected by Copyright LAW   “Fostering Consensus, Acting for Peace

As an original founders of the United Nations, in 1945  Belgium signed the UN Charter along with 50 other countries.  And since then it has been actively engaged in contributing to Peace and Security in Europe and in the World. Its role has been, not limited, but also covers the critical areas of Conflict Management, Mediation and Peacebuilding within the UN.  Only in 2015  Belgium has contributed $ 85 million to UN Peacekeeping operations. And it had participated in 71 UN Peacekeeping missions deployed since 1948.

News from MFA of Belgium                                        News from Belgian Armed-Forces 
News from Belgium Mission to the UN                 News from PM Charles Michel

Israeli Armed-Forces and its Multicultural System

Despite many false mainstream media’s propaganda, the State of Israel and its Armed-Forces have one of the most open multicultural Political and Military system.  The history of Holyland can attest this fact, by having its 8th President an Iranian immigrant Moshe Katsav,  only a few years ago.

With the encouragement of PM  Benjamin Netanyahu  and religious leaders like Greek Orthodox Priest Father Gabriel Nadaf  more young Arab and Christian are joining the Israeli Armed-Forces, for a better life and future which integrates them fully in the States of Israel as the citizens. 

The number of Christians and Arab Serving  in the Israeli Defense Force is increasing every year. 

  1. Additional: Increased Coordination Between Israeli Armed-Forces and the Palestinians for Celebration of Christmas Season
  2. Thousands of Muslim serving in Israeli Army .  The Israeli Army does not publish statistics about the exact number of non-Jewish enlisted soldiers, although it says hundreds of non-Jewish Israeli citizens – Muslims, Christians and Druze – join up every year. by BBC documentary   

Read more

The U.S Naval Forces in Europe-Africa/2

On October 12, the USS Mount Whitney as a part of U.S Naval Forces in Europe/Africa arrived in Batumi  Georgia for a port visit. 

Described by the United States Navy,  the USS Mount Whitney’s entry in the Black Sea is a routine port visit in partnership with the NATO Allied member States and partners which aims:

  • To enhance maritime security;
  • Re-enforce the stability in the region;
  • Promote readiness, and strengthen partnerships with our allies and partners. October 12,2106 © Seaman Ford Williams/U.S. 6th Fleet Public Affairs                 


October 10, 2016 © US Mission to NATO/  US Naval Forces Europe-Africa

News from U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria
News from US Naval Forces Europe-Africa
News from U.S Air Force Europe-Africa                 News from Strong Europe U.S Army Europe            News from U.S Mission to NATO             

Denmark the Land for Innovation

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Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity are helping IBM expand its activities with a new innovation centre in Copenhagen. Within two years, 250 IT professionals will be employed at the new centre. The first talents will join already by the beginning of 2017.

Denmark’s unique position as an innovation lab with access to highly skilled IT talents with a solid business acumen has been the main reason for IBM’s choice of Denmark as the location for its new innovation centre. The centre is expected to bring IBM closer to its Danish clients, making it easier for them to collaborate on creating new innovative digital solutions.  Announce the MFA of Denmark October 5, 2016 © MFA of Denmark 

News from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark
News from Minister Kristian Jensen for Foreign Affairs
News from Danish Mission to NATO
News from former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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