UK Armed-Forces Remembrance 2015

Remembrance in 2015,  by MoD of UK

London Poppy Day, in its tenth year, is the country’s largest one-day street collection event, raising money to fund the Legion’s work supporting military personnel, veterans and their families. In 2014, troops and volunteer collectors last year raised £1.25m in the one day marathon appeal.   ©UK Army

London’s Poppy Day

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Israel and its Leadership in the World

29.Octobet 2015

Israel has been accepted as a full Member to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) with only 1 against and  171 votes in favor.

On the occasion of the historic accession Hadas Meitzad, Israel’s political affairs Counselor stated: “The advanced Capabilities of the State of Israel ( in Science and Technology) and its Commercial Space Industry, combined with a complex and sensitive Diplomatic process, led to the acceptance of Israel to this prestigious organization.” 

In the recent years Israel has been developing new Technology which can help the U.N. to keep track  and control of hazardous space objects.

The UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) was founded in 1959 with currently 84 Members.

Earlier this year NASA has also signed a new agreement to further its cooperation with the Israel Space Agency.

“Our two countries have had a long history of cooperation in space exploration, scientific discovery and research, and we look forward to the opportunities this new agreement provides us to build upon this partnership.” expressed on the occasion Charles Bolden from NASA.

The announcement of the news from the Israel Mission into UN


Col. Ilan Ramon with NASA Space crew in the Shuttle Columbia mission 2003.In Remembrance of Col. Ilan Ramon 1954- 2003 who lost his life with several other NASA Space crew in the Shuttle Columbia outer Space mission in February 2003 ©Israel news agency


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this morning with former US President Clinton.


By Catherine Stella Schmidt  (Copy righted material) 



UK Royal Marines in the NATO Exercise Trident Juncture


9.October 2015 ©NATO

Trident Juncture 2015

NATO Trident Juncture is a comprehensive Training Exercise with over  36,000 Military personnel from  30 Allied and Partner Nations added with 12 International Organizations, Aid Agencies and non-governmental Institutions.

The exercise is being executed in several locations and regions:

  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • The Mediterranean Sea
  • Canada
  • Italy, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands


The United Kingdom and the U.S in response to Syrian crisis

The United States and UK have been the two largest financial aid donor to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. 

Since the start of the internal conflict in Syria, the United States as the First largest financial aid provider, has contributed more than $4 billion to help the affected people and the refugees. Every months there is a new additional financial aid package by the U.S Government allocated in response to this crisis.

New U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to Respond to Syria Crisis, 21 September 2015

UK Humanitarian Help for Syria

At the same time UK and US with the initiative of la France have been trying to stop the civil war and to combat with the radical extremist groups in the region for years.

The United kingdom’s Leadership in refugee crisis in Europe

The result might have not been seen as the white and black outcomes– since there are more complexity involved in it, which comes mainly by those tyrannical systems that feed the radical groups either by weapons, other means of supports, or by blocking the UN Security Council’s decision by their veto– each time when the US-UK and France stood  resolutely to act in solving the Syrian internal conflict.

Please see the associated Official documents:

United Kingdom’s humanitarian aid in response to the Syria crisis, fact sheet by September 2015 by UK Foreign Office 

The UK will step up with nearly £115 Million in additional Emergency Funding in response to the migration crisis, Prime Minister David Cameron announced, 23 September 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron visits Lebanon and outlines details of the extra £100 million package to help Syrian refugees, 14 September 2015

The U.S Humanitarian Assistance to Syrians, by Department of State 

The UN Security Council fails to adopt resolution on Syria, the United Nations July 2012  

Russia, China block Security Council referral of Syria to International Criminal Court, the United Nations May 2014



The Royal Danish Navy in NATO

                          HDMS ABSALON of Denmark 2015 NATOHDMS ABSALON of Denmark 2015 ©NATO

On October 1st, the HDMS ABSALON of Royal Danish Navy joined NATO Counter-piracy Operation Ocean Shield. The Operation is to keep the region safe from the threats of piracy and to maintain the Maritime Security at all level.

The Royal Navy Ship will visit the port of the Mediterranean Dialogue Partner Nations and meet with the high level Military Leaders including the Royal Jordanian Naval Force.




The USS Carney in NATO Missile Defense

The U.S Navy Multi-Mission USS Carney has arrived in Europe, in south of Spain, to strengthen the NATO and European Missile Defense capability.

The Battle Ship as a part of NATO forces is missioned for a wide range of Operational Task for Security, Search and Rescue, and the NATO Multinational Training and Exercise.

U.S Navy Multi-Mission USS Carney arrived in EU Sep.2015USS Carney. 25 September 2015 ©NATO 

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the US Navy USS Carney by affirming:

“The arrival of the USS Carney marks an important step for European Security and for Transatlantic cooperation,” 

The four Missile Defense ships are key for building up Europe’s protection against Ballistic Missile threats. I thank the United States for their significant contribution to keeping our Nations safe©NATO


NATO Ballistic Missile Defense was established and launched in 2010, by the NATO Member States to counter the threats poised by the proliferation of Ballistic Missile in various regions, countries and radical groups (possibly). The strategy is based on Protecting Europe from any sorts of perceived or unseen threats which had been multiplied in the last fifteen years.



By Catherine Stella Schmidt  (Copy righted material)