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Germany’s Leadership in OSCE 2016

Germany’s OSCE Presidency 2016

Following the result of the unanimous vote by the Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security Co-operation in Europe ‘OSCE’  in December 2014, the Federal Republic of Germany was elected for the second time for the Chairmanship of 2016.

Renewing Dialogue, Rebuilding Trust, Restoring Security’ are the main  concepts of Germany’s OSCE Chairmanship in 2016.


Highlighted by the Federal Foreign Office Germany’s objectives for this term will be to enhance the following areas:

•Continuing conflict-crisis management in and around Ukraine and in the other unresolved conflicts in the OSCE area;
•Strengthening the OSCE’s capabilities in the entire conflict cycle, i.e. early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post‑conflict Peacebuilding;
•Strengthening the OSCE as a platform for dialogue, for instance on questions of pan‑European security, confidence‑ and security-building measures and Defence against common threats;
•Sustainable promotion of connectivity and good Governance in the OSCE area;
•And focus on the Human dimension to safeguard joint commitments regarding Human Rights and the fundamental Freedom.  2016 ©Federal Foreign Office

The Permanent Diplomatic Mission of Germany to the OSCE is in Vienna. And Federal Foreign Minister Dr.Frank-Walter Steinmeier  leads the OSCE as The Chairperson-in-Office.


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Denmark’s new Humanitarian aid to UNMAS

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has allocated new aid to United Nation agency UNMAS  to help Mine Action Response.  

This contribution  reflects our strong and consistent support for the United Nations in its delivery and coordination of mine action. Mine action is a vital component of humanitarian response in conflict and post-conflict settings for protection of civilians and safe access for other humanitarian actors. We call upon others to follow our lead and increase support to mine action to  protect the civilians who are bearing the brunt of protracted armed conflict in many countries.”stated Kristian Jensen, Minister for Foreign Affairs. March 7, 2016 ©MFA Denmark/ UNMAS 

Denmark has announced a contribution of USD 4.4 million to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Action. This contribution will support the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) humanitarian mine action response  Continue to read the announced by the UNMAS


Europe needs to be United and above all Realistic

“We need to put an end to terrorism in Europe.”  elaborated Prime Minister Beata Szydło of Poland

The Prime Minister pointed out that it is important to remember about the attacks’ victims, but what is equally important is to look for Effective Measures which will enable Europe to face the bane of terrorism.  March 23, 2016 ©The office of PM Szydło/Press Office

Prime Minister Beata Szydło: Europe must unite in effective fight against terrorists


It is an open fact that in the recent years, dating back from September 11 2001 in the U.S with their central cell in Hamburg, the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013, the 2015 San Bernardino attack in the U.S,  just a few months ago in Paris,  and the March 22 in Brussels have been, mostly, perpetuated by those entered the U.S and Europe by the means of refugees and the illegal migration.

Following the recent attack on European Capital Brussels several of European Governments have resumed tightening their Security measures, re-adjusting  their previous policy of accepting the mass influx of illegal migration. 
Poland has also announced it will stop the process of accepting more refugees for now.

Hungary also from March 2016 accepts only Political Asylum seeker and Persecutes, not the mass influx of illegal migration. Reception Centres will be closed as soon as possible

Added to Hungary and Poland,  several other EU States, like Austria , Denmark, France, Norway, the Netherlands, and the U.K  have also closed or restricted their Borders  and made clear that will accept refugees but on a limited basis. The Same process have been applied by Australia, Canada, and the United States. ( there might be more European Countries but we are not aware)

Perhaps it is time for other European Governments to join the European and Transatlantic Community and accept the views of other European Countries – hence act accordingly.

In the eve of confronting the endless challenges of the 21 century– how could Europe become the de facto center of all sort of criminal activities from Cyber criminality to Jihadist and Terrorism– unless some of our Politicians are living, unfortunately, in an ideology of Irrational Radical Liberalism rooted in the Hallucinations, which in some way make them secretly, perhaps, sympathizer for the Jihadists and the Radicalism Posture.

How many more Bombs should go off, how many more innocent people should lose their lives before Europe wakes up and act on applying the needed Measures on Protecting its Borders.  

In the tragedy of Brussels attacks, again several High Level U.S Politicians also voiced their concerns over European Open-Border Policy and the lack of adequate Security Measures.  

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The Leadership of Netherlands in EU Presidency 2016

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright Law


In 2016 the Netherlands holds the EU Presidency  for the twelfth time. The last time was in 2004.  Holding the Presidency involves mediating and brokering compromises between the 28 EU member states and between EU institutions like the Council, European Commission and European Parliament. The Netherlands’ central aim is that European Union place its focus more on what matters to Europe’s citizens, Economy and businesses. Thus its Priorities highlights Prosperity, Freedom and Security in Europe. 2016©The Dutch MFA

Among many areas that the Dutch Government  is intent on ameliorating in Europe– during its EU Presidency (until week  March 20, 2016) are:

*The list of touched Projects until week March 20th are far larger, but here are only a few.

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo ‘EULEX’

 The Operation is one of the largest Law-Enforcement Mission in the frameworks of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), launched in February 2008 and reached full Operational capacity in April 2009. The EULEX assists the Kosovo Authorities in strengthening the Rule of  Law in the areas of Security, Law-Enforcement, Judiciary and Customs.

And it has  Four Operational Objectives   implemented via:  1- Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising  2- Executive Objective 3- North objective  4- Support to Dialogue Implementation Objective.

USNational Guard with EULEX Kosovo 2010The U.S National Guard working with KFOR and EULEX  2010 © The North Dakota National Guard

In general aspect the Mission consists mainly of  Judges, Prosecutors, Law-Enforcement,  Customs Officials. And works with Law-Enforcement and Police, Judicial Authorities in the Region and with INTERPOL and EUROPOL, to ensure their support to all investigations. 

With the Headquarters in Pristina,  EULEX has a unified Chain of Command to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and to EU Member States (The Political-Security Committee). ©EULEX

Most of the EU member States as well as  Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States are the contributor Nations to the EULEX Kosovo.

As a EU member State– in the last 50 years Austria has been one of the most important  contributor to the European and International Law-Enforcement Missions in overseas, including in the recent years deployments in : Afghanistan, Georgia, Kosovo and Palestine.

Austrian Police in EULEX 2014 Aus.GovAustrian Law-Enforcement and their significant contributions in the EULEX Kosovo October 2014 © Osterreich BMI

The Army and U.S National Guard have been holding as well an important role– particularly  in the areas of Training and upgrading the EULEX capabilities.

US and EULEX hold Training Sep 2015The U.S National Guard and the ‘EULEX CPF’  during training in Kosovo. August 31, 2015 ©The U.S Army/Sgt. Erick Yates

In the ongoing process of Enhancement, in August 2015 the U.S Army EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) technicians form the Alabama National Guard’s 666th held a special Training for the Security Officers of the Close Protection Force from the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo ‘EULEX’s CPF’ on Camp Bondsteel.

The Training was formulated to upgrade, the Close Protection Force Unite of the EULEX,   with the latest techniques on how to detect the explosive devices including the IEDs

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The U.S-European Air Forces in NATO Training Exercise Real Thaw

USAFE in NATO Real Thaw Feb.2016U.S. Airmen and NATO Forces in the opening  ceremony of Real Thaw at Beja Air Base, Portugal, February 21, 2016 ©USAFEU-Africa/Senior Airman Dawn M. Weber

The U.S Air Force from Europe participated in one of NATO’s recent Training Exercise ‘Real Thaw’ hosted by Portuguese Armed-Forces. The Training aimed to upgrade the participant Nations’ skills in the non-Combat Operations while increasing the Allied Interoperability and effectiveness in both Offensive and Defensive Air Operations.

The Real Thaw was carried out from February 22- March 3, with the participation of Air Forces  from Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, and other NATO Forces.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be here in Portugal,”  “We’re excited to be here working side by side with our NATO Allies honing our Joint Air Interoperability as well as Tactical Skills.”  stated Lt. Col. Rob Fowler, from U.S Fighter Squadron Operations Supervisor. February 23, 2016 ©USAFEU/Senior Airman Dawn M. Weber 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

“Real Thaw gives us the opportunity to train and learn from other Countries experiences,”  “Here we are able to effectively learn how to use each other’s assets and how to play together if there is ever a time we come together in a Deployed Theater.” expressed Officer Buzzer from Portuguese Air Base F-16M Pilot. February 23 2016 ©USAFEU/Senior Airman Dawn M. Weber 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

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Hungary and its vital Leadership in Defending Europe and the Balkan States

Hungary would primarily allocate Funds towards the Defence efforts of the Balkan Countries against illegal migration.  March 10,2016 © The Office of Prime Minister   Continue to Read

Also read  Hungary is committed to combatting every form of anti-Semitism and hatred without compromise

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U.S-European Armed-Forces deepening in Norwegian icy water in joint NATO Cold Response 16

UK RN in NATO excercise Norway 2016March 2016© The UK Royal Navy 

From February 19 until March 22, the NATO Allied encompassing 16,000 Military personnel are participating in one of the NATO’s largest Training Multinational Military Exercise to upgrade and intensify the Allied Capability of Combat Operation in the cold environment.

SNMG1 Cold Response 16,Norway 2016Commanding General National Joint Headquarters Norway, Lt. Gen. Rune Jakobsen, addresses a Multinational Panel on the Training aspects of the Exercise, Norway March 2016 ©The U.S. Army Europe/ Sgt. 1st Class Crista Mary Mack.


Cold Response 16   is held in the Tr​øndelag of Norway and the Participants are from the  Armed-Forces of: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland​, France, ​Germany, Latvia,  Norway,  the Netherlands​, Poland, Spain, Sweden,  the United Kingdom  and the United States.

Remarks by the Commanding General of the U.S Army Europe LTG Ben Hodges during an interview at Cold Response 16

March 4, 2016 Norway © The U.S Army Europe


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