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U.S-NATO Armed Forces in DEFENDER-Europe 22

Defender Europe 22  is one of the most significant multinational training exercises led by U.S Army. The exercise is held every year with the participation of most European armed-forces, NATO allies and partner nations.




Implementing the exercise at the wider scope of shaping and intensifying the operational readiness, the Defender Europe 2022 aims: 

  • To heighten the strategic readiness;
  • To fortify and enhance the interoperability between U.S-NATO allies and partners nations.

This year more than 3,437 service members from the United State are taking part in Defender Europe 22 encompassing: 

From the multi-national armed-forces the number includes 5,193 soldiers from: Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Great Britain.

 The exercise is from early May through June, announced by the Army.

 “Defender-Europe and its accompanying and linked exercises explicitly demonstrate our commitment to European security and to maintaining interoperability with our NATO allies and partners,” 

“Through exercises like this, we are prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory with a strong, combat-credible force to ensure we stay stronger together in the face of any aggression.” highlighted Gen. Christopher Cavoli, U.S. Army Europe and Africa commanding general. ©US Army Europe and Africa

Acknowledgments: sources ©US Army Europe and Africa.  By Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt 

The U.S leadership in the World

A new book by former Secretary General of NATO  and the Prime Minister of DenmarkAnders Fogh Rasmussen
Additional recommendation:  The World America Made by Robert Kagan
Image: Courtesy of US Air Force Europe/Africa  January 2016 
By Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt 

U.S National Armed Forces Day

US Marine Corps Ceremony Flag Sept. 2015

In honor of….. the World’s greatest Freedom Defender…,the thundering Forces of resounding Liberator…..the United States Armed Forces  


May 20, 2016 © DoD

The United States National Armed Forces Day is celebrate on every third Saturday of May, to honour the service and the dedication of Military personnel across the United States.