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Europe needs one voice


In the mass influx of refugee crisis, all EU States need to remain in one voice and apply an objective strategic measures that could be sustainable in a long term.

In this scope United Kingdom, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary are presenting the best solutions to the long term crisis.    As it is, evidently,  the German solution will not work for European problems.

In the frame work of European Union the crisis in our Territory need to be worked out with a team-work of all European governments, not a solo policy of one Land which could de-stabilize the others and the rest.  Hence Germany must listen to all EU States and act accordingly:

1- Protect its borders

2- Help other EU States to do the same

3- Deal with Crisis in Syria at the root just as France has declared yesterday.

Statement of the Heads of Governments of the Visegrad Group ( the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland )

Press Conference by President Hollande (President de la Republique Francaise)

UK will work with UNHCR not the Human trafficking groups that have taken so many life.


By Catherine Stella Schmidt