US-EU Law-Enforcement

US-EU furthering partnerships on Law-Enforcement

Europol Director Rob Wainwright with the Director of FBI James Comey 2015Director of FBI James Comey during a meeting with Director of EUROPOL Rob Wainwright. The Hague 24.September 2015 ©EUROPOL

The Director of U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey travelled to The Hague to meet with the Director of EUROPOL to discuss rage of subjects including furthering the  partnerships between the FBI and the Europe Law-Enforcement to the closer level on combating with Cybercrime.

In the European Police Chiefs Convention (EPCC) at Europol HQs the Director of FBI spoke on Global Threats ( Cybercrime and Terrorism) and highlighted:

“The perception that terrorism only happens in big cities like New York, London, or Paris is not true.There are troubled people all across the United States and in every country around the world. That’s why partnerships are critical. We all share a common interest in keeping our nations safe from both crime and terrorism.  Together, we can identify common threats and common needs, and by joining forces, we’re all better able to protect the people we serve,”

“No law enforcement or intelligence agency alone – no country alone – can defeat crime and terrorism and keep its streets safe. But all of us, standing together – we are strong, unbending, and unbreakable.”

On the same Subject during the convention the Director of Europol Rob Wainwright stated:

Now more than ever we understand the importance of cross-border Law-Enforcement cooperation to tackle global threats, such as terrorism and Cybercrime. In this challenging time, building up strong partnerships among international law enforcers, and ensuring fast and efficient information exchange, are key to safeguarding our citizens and our collective security.”

“In this respect, cooperation between Europol, the FBI and other international partners, has proved to be exemplary, in particular in combatting cyber attacks and the sexual exploitation of children online. This strong collaboration demonstrates what Law Enforcement agencies can achieve together when trusted relationships are established.”