Israel and its Leadership in the World

29.Octobet 2015

Israel has been accepted as a full Member to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) with only 1 against and  171 votes in favor.

On the occasion of the historic accession Hadas Meitzad, Israel’s political affairs Counselor stated: “The advanced Capabilities of the State of Israel ( in Science and Technology) and its Commercial Space Industry, combined with a complex and sensitive Diplomatic process, led to the acceptance of Israel to this prestigious organization.” 

In the recent years Israel has been developing new Technology which can help the U.N. to keep track  and control of hazardous space objects.

The UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) was founded in 1959 with currently 84 Members.

Earlier this year NASA has also signed a new agreement to further its cooperation with the Israel Space Agency.

“Our two countries have had a long history of cooperation in space exploration, scientific discovery and research, and we look forward to the opportunities this new agreement provides us to build upon this partnership.” expressed on the occasion Charles Bolden from NASA.

The announcement of the news from the Israel Mission into UN


Col. Ilan Ramon with NASA Space crew in the Shuttle Columbia mission 2003.In Remembrance of Col. Ilan Ramon 1954- 2003 who lost his life with several other NASA Space crew in the Shuttle Columbia outer Space mission in February 2003 ©Israel news agency


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this morning with former US President Clinton.


By Catherine Stella Schmidt  (Copy righted material)