Sweden and its Leadership in NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg meets with the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan LofvenSecretary General Stoltenberg during his meeting with Prime Minister Loefven. 9.November 2015 ©NATO          

In his first official visit to Sweden, NATO Secretary General met with Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, high Official members of the Parliamentary Committees on Defense and Foreign Affairs of Sweden to discuss the Security of Nordic States and the crucial role that Sweden has been playing and expected to extend in the years to come.

Secretary General expressed NATO gratitude to Sweden– for its continuous contribution to NATO’s Operations and Exercises in the various parts of the world including: Afghanistan, Kosovo and in NATO Response Force by highlighting:  “ Sweden is one of NATO’s most active Partners.” 

On the changing world and the emerging news challenges NATO Secretary General emphasized:

“To respond effectively we all have to adapt,” 

and continued  “Our focus is Collective Defense, but also Crisis Management and Cooperative Security.”

“It makes sense to deepen our cooperation further. Not just among Nordic Allies and partners, but also with our Baltic Allies.” ©NATO        

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