Israel and its Leadership in Climate Change

Excerpt of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech at the Climate Conference Paris

“I take this opportunity to again express the solidarity of the people of Israel with the people of France.  Both our peoples have long and bitter experience confronting terrorism. This is not surprising, because Israel and France have in common precisely those qualities that the terrorists seek to destroy: Freedom, Equality, Pluralism, Tolerance  and Democracy.” 

Today we must focus on the security, not just of the nations of the world, but of the world itself.  And even as Israel plays a Leading role in the fight against terrorism, we are also playing a Leading role in addressing climate change.

I want to say first that Israel is committed to those goals and will act accordingly, in deed and in word to fulfill them. Technology gives us the ability to do the unimaginable. Last year Israel was ranked number one in the Global Clean-Tech Innovation Index.

We are a world leader in making the use of water more efficient, therefore more energy efficient. Israel is the number one recycler of water in the world. It has the highest ratio of water efficiency in the world – 70-80%, this is thanks to innovative technologies like drip irrigation, which I know many of you are familiar with.

For decades, Israel has been a Pioneer in Solar energyWe are also developing state-of-the-art techniques to increase crop yields and to make desert agriculture possible.        30.Nov.2015 ©Prime Minister Office  Continue to read PM Netanyahu’s Speech, the office of Prime Minister