Netherlands the Leading Force in Promoting Human Rights

The  efforts to support Human Rights Defenders have been always main priority for Dutch Government and its policy. Those important measures are,not limited, but include:

  • Financing projects through the Human Rights Fund to enable Human Rights Defenders to carry out their work more safely and effectively;
  • Furthering the visibility of Human Rights Defenders, since visibility can sometimes help make them safer;
  • Attending trials of Human Rights Defenders to step up pressure for fair trials;
  • Organising the conference ‘Speak Truth to Power’ on 21 and 22 January 2014, attended by Human Rights Defenders and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU member states and EU institutions;
  • Providing temporary residence to about 10 Human Rights Defenders every year through the project Shelter City. The Hague, Middelburg, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Maastricht are currently designated Cities;
  • Awarding the Human Rights Tulip annually to a courageous and innovative organisation or individual for furthering human rights. Nominees for the Human Rights Tulip can come from anywhere in the world.  ©Government of Netherlands

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Netherlands Human Rights annual Award Tulip, by the MFA


By Catherine Stella Schmidt