Greece and the U.S an enduring partnerships

U.S Secretary John Kerry travelled to Greece and met with Foreign Minister Kotzias in Athens. The meeting was to discuss the importance of Greece partnerships with the U.S and its  leadership in the region and in Europe.

Statement by Foreign Minister Kotzias:

“Good day. I welcome my friend Secretary of State John Kerry, with whom we work closely in the context and the spirit of the traditional bonds of friendship that join the two countries, and I also welcome him and hope we will see him again in the future, because he is a person who loves the sea and sailing, and the Greek islands. We will await him in the future.

Mr. Kerry is a great Secretary of State, distinguished for his rationality, his clear thinking and his realism. John Kerry is the Secretary of State of a country where there is a large Greek community, the role of which as a bridge between Greece and the U.S. is well known.  4 Dec.2015 © Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece

Continue to read Joint statements of Foreign Minister Kotzias and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, following their meeting (Athens, 4 December 2015)