The United States and Israel an enduring Partnership

U.S Secretary of State Kerry and PM Netanyahu Rome June 27 2016

Rome 27, 2016 © Prime Minister’s office

Secretary of State John Kerry met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Rome to discuss range of Regional and Intentional issues.

“We discussed everything that the Secretary spoke about, challenges in the region from ISIL, East, West, South. We discussed not only American-Israeli security cooperation, but security cooperation in a larger regional context. We discussed how we could advance a process with the Palestinians, difficult though it may be. We discussed regional implications for stabilizing the Middle East, moving it to a place where it would be less convulsive. And we discussed some bilateral issues between us. This was a far-ranging discussion that I think was meant to bring us both in a common direction for common purposes and I found it very valuable. Thank you.”  elaborated Prime Minister Netanyahu  27, 2016 © Department of State

We had a very productive conversation  and we talked at some length about ways in which we might be able to try to work to move things in a more positive direction.”    “And of course, finally, we talked about Brexit – impossible not to – and how that might or might not affect all economies.”  stated Secretary Kerry  and continued:   “Most importantly, Israel is, as everybody knows and we reiterate again and again, a critical ally and friend of the United States ”   June 27, 2016 © Department of State