Defender Europe 21 April’s Activities

With 28,000 multinational military personnel, Defender Europe 21 is the largest multinational U.S Army Europe and Africa-led exercise to augment, enhance and fortify the U.S and NATO allies and partner nations’ interoperability and readiness. This year the exercise started in March, with the participants of U.S Air Force , U.S Navy, over 2000 U.S National Guard, 800 Army Reserve, and will continue through June.

    The exercise plan for April: 

  • “12 European country’s airports receiving equipment and personnel from the U.S;
  • 3 Army Prepositioned Stock sites being utilized with1,000 pieces of equipment being drawn;
  • 4 Countries hosting 5 logistics centers.” ©US Army Europe and Africa  

Acknowledgment: the fact and video courtesy of U.S Army Europe and Africa  

By Catherine S. Schmidt, Editor in Chief (Copyrighted material)