Transatlantic Partnership the U.S and the United Kingdom

President Obama’s trip to the United Kingdom, this time was not just a Diplomatic Traditional visit, but it implied far more deeper reflection in many ways……. by displaying the United States inner heart and aspiration…… by expressing forthrightly…… the American hope and the fervour wish– that the United Kingdom maintain its Leadership in Europe.

In the world of our time ……that is characterized with the unknown challenges and the abruption of unsteady mode– more than ever the West has to be prepared as a Fortified Force –and remained United.  And in this front the United Kingdom’s Leadership is not a luxurious requirement yet a crucial need …..and a profound imperative.   In an explicit tone that was the essence of the message President Obama delivered from America to the United Kingdom.  

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron April 22, 2016President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron during the Press briefing, April 22, 2016 © U.S. Embassy London

Excerpt of President Obama’s remark:

 “We are so bound together that nothing is going to impact the emotional and cultural and intellectual affinities between our two countries. So I don’t come here, suggesting in any way that that is impacted by a decision that the people of the United Kingdom may make around whether or not they’re members of the European Union. That is there. That’s solid. And that will continue, hopefully, eternally.

 But, as David said, if one of our best friends is in an organization that enhances their influence and enhances their power and enhances their economy, then I want them to stay in it. Or at least I want to be able to tell them, you know, I think this makes you guys bigger players. I think this helps your economy. I think this helps to create jobs. ” April 22, 2016 ©U.S. Embassy London  Continue to read

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 by Catherine Stella Schmidt