The Leadership of Austria and its Armed-Forces in the World-1

Highly rich with European heritage, Austria is the centre of  Europe with its Capital city ‘Vienna’ the heart of Culture, History and Music, Literature, Science and Technology–since centuries ago.

In Political domain– Vienna holds also the key role not only in European Territory but also in the International Affairs. As of current time,  Vienna has the Seats of over 16 United Nations main Organizations, with more of other International Orgs and Institutions.  International Organizations in Vienna

In the Military sphere, the Austrian Armed-Forces has a major Leading Role in NATO, EU, UN Operations– deployed in various parts of the World for maintaining Peace and Security.

A glimpse into the Austrian Armed-Forces engagements in the Global Missions

  • In KFOR Kosovo as part of International Security Force since 1999
  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of European Force in Operation Althea since 2004
  • In UNIFIL Lebanon as part of UN Peacekeeping Force since 2011
  • In Central African Republic as the Military Adviser in EU Deployment Mission
  • In Ukraine part of OSCE as Military Observer in Monitoring Mission

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