U.S-European Partnership-1

US naval Europe Africa May 22, 2016

Secretary Kerry has travelled to Brussels, from July 17–18, and met with EU Member State Foreign Ministers and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, to discuss range of important subjects on Foreign Policy. During the press conference Secretary Kerry reaffirmed:

“It is that the U.S-EU Partnership is strong – strong today, will remain strong into the future, it is enduring, and it is unbreakable. And it is all of those things for some very simple reasons.”

On the issue of Turkey and the fate of the detainee of the failed Coup Secretary Kerry stated:

“So very quickly, let me just say with respect to NATO and the movement of Turkey, obviously, NATO also has a requirement with respect to Democracy, and NATO will indeed measure very carefully what is happening.  And my hope is that Turkey is going to move in ways that do respect what they have said to me many times is the bedrock of their country. Now, obviously, a lot of people have been arrested and arrested very quickly, and so as Federica has said, I think the level of vigilance and scrutiny is obviously going to be significant in the days ahead. And we’ll work very closely, and hopefully we can work in a constructive way that prevents a backsliding, and that is our hope.   Brussels July 18, 2016 © Department of State

On the same subject the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini stated:

“Let me be very clear on one thing – actually, on two. One, no country can become a EU member-state if it introduces death penalty. That is very clear in our acquis, as we call it. So this is for sure. The other point I would like to stress, even if this is not the institution I am entitled to speak for, but Turkey is part – an important part – of the Council of Europe. It’s an important member of the Council of Europe, and as such is bound by the European Convention of Human Rights that is very clear on death penalty. I hope I’ve been clear.”

“And let me add something that maybe it’s useful to stress here: We have been the first to stress the need during that difficult hours – the need for having the legitimate institutions protected against the attempt of coup. This is no excuse to take the country away from fundamental rights and rule of law, and we will be extremely vigilant on that for the sake not of the European Union or negotiations, but for the sake of Turkey itself.” Brussels  July 18, 2016 © Department of State

Joint Press conference of  Secretary Kerry with the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini