The leadership of Austrian Armed-Forces in Europe

EUFOR Operation Althea was launched in December 2004 to replace (SFOR) the NATO-led Stabilizing Force in Bosnia Herzegovina.  Since then the Austrian Armed Forces have been in the front line holding the leadership in EUFOR.

Earlier this month, from October 1st the 5 days International exercise Quick Response 2016     was  executed under Austrian Military leadership in the western part of Banja Luka, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The EUFOR Multinational Battalion, the Intermediate Reserve Force from United Kingdom, the Tactical Reserve from KFOR, the Armed Forces Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal and Hungary have been taking part in it. The exercise aimed to enhance the close cooperation and interoperability of multinational Military units in EUFOR for maintaining security and rapid response in crisis.    

October 6, 2016 © Austrian Armed-Forces

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