International Human Rights Day 2016

President Obama’s Proclamation on Human Rights Day and Human Rights Week 2016 

“…….On Human Rights Day and during Human Rights Week, we reflect on how far we have come in upholding these universal rights and resolve to continue fighting to safeguard them wherever they are threatened.” December 9, 2016 © The White House Press Secretary. 

UK Foreign Office, Minister for Human Rights, Baroness Anelay

“All around the world people’s human rights are under threat, so the role of civil society and human rights defenders has never been more important.

A shrinking civil society harms a country’s stability, economic prospects and wider social development. Providing space for civil society to operate is therefore crucial to the spread and strengthening of democracy all around the world.

An active civil society is the hallmark of a mature society; one that is open to challenge and able to protect the rights of its citizens. Governments should not only allow but proactively nurture a healthy civil society. They should commend human rights defenders – not condemn them.

This is the message that we will continue to promote both at home and abroad as we stand up for Human Rights.” December 9, 2016 © UK Foreign Office

Message of U.S Department of State on Human Rights Day

“…..On this International Human Rights Day, we recommit ourselves to upholding universal respect for the fundamental freedoms of all humankind.   Today and every day, the United States will continue to urge all nations to observe the principles of liberty, democracy, free expression, and equal protection under the law without distinction based on race, creed, sexual orientation, political opinion, or faith. As we celebrate the progress we’ve made toward a more just world, we reaffirm our unwavering devotion to a universal value—preserving and protecting the equal and inalienable Human Rights of all people.” December 10, 2016 © DoS 


Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, Lilianne Ploumen, 

Human Rights in Cyberspace is a whole new realm of opportunity and riskDecember 10, 2016© Dutch MFA

Austrian Federal Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz on the International Day of Human Rights

       ‘To fight Human Rights violations and to build bridges for Human Rights


Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, on Human Rights Day December 10


Switzerland National report and action plan on Business and Human Rights

“On 9 December 2016 the Federal Council adopted a report outlining a national action plan for the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Switzerland is one of the first countries to adopt such a strategy in order to promote coherence between business activities and human rights.”   Bern, Media release, December 9, 2016 © Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Message of  Australian Department of  Foreign Affairs and Trade  on Human Rights Day from

“Australia’s commitment to Human Rights is enduring. We were a founding member of the United Nations and we have been an advocate for its purposes and principles ever since. Our commitment reflects our national values.  This year, Human Rights Day calls for everyone to stand up for someone’s rights today Stand Up For Human Rights. We must continue our commitment to ensuring that all people are entitled to respect, dignity and protection of their rights.” December 10, 2016 © Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia 

Note from Editor in Chief to German readers:  Human Rights has not much to do by  encouraging a large numbers of illegal immigrants  moving towards Europe but to Defend the Academic, Scientists and Political activists when they need protection regardless of their Nationality, Race and Faith.


  1. Additional References:  Minister for Human Rights, Baroness Anelay hosts an annual event at the FCO to celebrate UK action on universal Human Rights. 
  2. La diplomatie française soutient les défenseurs des droits de l’Homme 
  3. Acting on the initiative of Austria, the United Nations Human Rights Council calls for the immediate release of all arbitrarily detained journalists worldwide.
  4. Human Rights are an essential element of Finland’s foreign policy
  5. The Human Rights Tulip is an annual award by the Netherlands MFA for individuals or organisations that promote Human Fights worldwide in innovative ways.

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By Catherine Stella Schmidt  (Copy righted material)