U.S Military Capabilities Strengthen the European Armed-Forces and NATO

The United States is absolutely committed to the defense of NATO, and that means having full-spectrum capabilities not only within U.S. forces, but with NATO and partner nations as well.” highlighted the U.S Department of Defense in the news-article on December 13,2016.

While Military capabilities are known by the number of the troops and Military personnel –Power and Defense assurance are projected by advanced equipment, technology, the best training that could execute the required strategies, command and tactics in the theater fields.

The U.S Amy Europe and its 7th Army Training Command in Germany, has been the main center to build the NATO members’ Armed-Forces by regular training that to maximize the interoperability;              the multinational exercise,  joint maneuvers, the exchange of ideas and commands — aimed all to fortify the U.S-European Armed-Forces and bolster the NATO members’  Military to the higher capabilities of Physical  and  Cyber Defense. 

In early 2016 the United States has announced also the increase of the budget for NATO in the European Reassurance Initiative plan, as a further demonstrations of U.S commitment to safeguard European Freedom, Peace and Security. 


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