The UK re-election to the UN Human Rights Council

Along with the United States, the UK has been champion for promoting  Human Rights in the World with the firm and uncompromising stance.

In October 2016,  the United Kingdom  was re-elected for the UN Human Rights Council for three years term starting January 2017 – December 2019.

“The UK works tirelessly to protect vulnerable people from discrimination and to champion global causes including ending modern slavery and violence against women and girls, and promoting the universal right to freedom of religion or belief.

We will continue to use our voice to help strengthen the Council, to support countries working to improve their human rights record and to hold to account nations that commit serious and systematic violations against their citizens as we did recently leading a strong resolution at a Special Session at the Human Rights Council to address the deplorable situation in Aleppo.” Highlighted the Human Rights Minister Baroness Anelay on the occasion. October 28, 2016 © UK Foreign Office 

Earlier this year the United Kingdom has doubled also its funding to support Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Human Rights and Democracy work around the world.

  1. Additional: The Launch of £10m Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy, by UK Foreign Office January 2016 
  2. The United Kingdom has been appointed Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights at the UN 
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