President Trump and the new American Era


© President Donald Trump Inauguration January 20, 2017 

Representing a new movement of  Visionary-Realism  in America that has begun to echo already  a deep inspiration across the Europe and in the Globe,  President Trump has inaugurated a new American Era.  In his first week in the White House, President Trump has also assured Europe and NATO the United States’ continuation of close partnership and commitments.

Highlighted by the Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis: 

“In separate calls today, Defense Secretary James Mattis  spoke with his counterparts from the United Kingdom and Canada and with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg”

“Secretary Mattis  wanted to place the call on his first full day in office to reinforce the importance he places on the alliance,”   Jan. 23, 2017 © DoD Media/News Affairs