The United Kingdom and the U.S in response to Syrian crisis

The United States and UK have been the two largest financial aid donor to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. 

Since the start of the internal conflict in Syria, the United States as the First largest financial aid provider, has contributed more than $4 billion to help the affected people and the refugees. Every months there is a new additional financial aid package by the U.S Government allocated in response to this crisis.

New U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to Respond to Syria Crisis, 21 September 2015

UK Humanitarian Help for Syria

At the same time UK and US with the initiative of la France have been trying to stop the civil war and to combat with the radical extremist groups in the region for years.

The United kingdom’s Leadership in refugee crisis in Europe

The result might have not been seen as the white and black outcomes– since there are more complexity involved in it, which comes mainly by those tyrannical systems that feed the radical groups either by weapons, other means of supports, or by blocking the UN Security Council’s decision by their veto– each time when the US-UK and France stood  resolutely to act in solving the Syrian internal conflict.

Please see the associated Official documents:

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