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Transatlantic Relations, the United States of America and Europe

 The United States of America and Europe

The partnership between the United States of America and Europe is a complementary …….an enduring historical relations of Roots , Culture, Heritage, Values that originated and developed over 1000 years.

Describing it in a simple modern words, with an overall majority of the Americans with the European Ancestors, it is a tangible form of Family Affairs, that neither America can move on without Europe…….. nor Europe can ever let it go!  That the Relations and Destiny of both are intertwined ……beyond any superficial aspects and countenance.

If the European first discovered….. and created the New World ‘The United States of America’, centuries ago, as the Viking Sailors were the first in 985,…… was the U.S that came at any ghostly, gloomy era in defending Europe.

 The United States was also the first Nation to recognize the European Union   in August 1952, established in its early form of ‘The European Coal and Steel Community’ (ECSC).

(Excerpt from Political text ‘Sublime and Beautiful Europe and the United States of America’, by Catherine Stella Schmidt 2009)

Joint Statement by Ambassador Froman and EU Commissioner Malmström on T-TIP: 

“The European Union and the United States have made considerable progress towards a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in the past year, notably since the G7 Elmau summit in June, when we agreed to accelerate work on all elements of the agreement.  We are fully committed  December 11, 2015 © Office of the United States Trade Representative

Additional documents by European Commission:

RECORDED 11th Round of negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

The benefits of TTIP: Economic Growth, Global Economic Rules and a Stronger Transatlantic Partnership


By Catherine Stella Schmidt (Copyrighted material)


The United Kingdom and its Leadership in Western Balkans

The United Kingdom has been long– advocating the path of Western Balkans into European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization by:

  • Political Measures: Educational sponsorship, providing help for Training and Reforms for helping the region to be qualified for EU-NATO full Membership.

See implemented and the on going Projects UK and Bosnia-Herzegovina  

  • Military Presence:  for Conflict Prevention and helping the process of Peace and Stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) since 2004 in the European Union Force ‘EUFOR’

Just in recent year, in June 2014 the UK Armed-Forced deployed two additional reconnaissance platoons to strengthen the EUFOR capability in BiH.

In the same year, in response to the request by the EUFOR, the UK Armed-Forces deployed an additional of 95 troops to upgrade the EU Peacekeeping Mission in BiH.

  • Multi-Financial Aid Package: for various Social and Economic Projects

Between 2010- 2015 the UK Foreign office allocated the additional £3 million for supporting the Reforms in Judicial System and promote the Freedom of Media for: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia (and Turkey).

In 2015 Prime Minister David Cameron announced, in EU Summit-Brussels, another package of aid £20 million for Training and Good Governance Fund for Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Additional Projects/References:

New UK funding to build stronger and more Democratic Nations in the Eastern Balkans, 2015

UK Government Policy: Stability in the Western Balkans 2010-2015

See news from UK Diplomatic Mission in BiH

By Catherine Stella Schmidt