Hungary is one of the most stable European States

“ Hungary  is now one of Europe’s most stable Countries”, highlighted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Prime Minister Orbán 2016 15 February 2016 © The Office of Prime Minister  

“… general Europeans have successfully shrugged off censorship, and it has emerged that, on the subject of Hungarian Border Protection Policy, many more people on the Continent agree with Hungary than are against it. Today Hungary’s standpoint is the standpoint of the majority of people in Europe, and Europeans cannot understand why their governments are not doing the same as Hungary’s government is doing” highlighted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the Parliament.  February 2106 © The Office of Prime Minister Orbán    

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As it is greatly audible that the Policy of some of EU States in regard with European Security is outdated, irrelevant –that is neither applicable any more to the challenges of  2016 and beyond– nor effective in a real time. 

Europe needs a Strong and Coherent Border Security Policy, as many EU Leaders have been voicing for a long time. From every aspects of Political science, it is time for Europe to go beyond its old orbit and move…… into the belated Realm of  Multifaceted EU Reform, notably –also on the Security of its Border fronts. (by the Editor)