The United States and European Law-Enforcement in a closer Partnership-4

The Director of EUROPOL Rob Wainwright and the Executive Associate Director of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Peter Edge, met in the Hague and singed a new agreement which brings the two Law-Enforcement Agencies from the both sides of Atlantic closer, enabling them to work in more synchronized and effective ways in the Operations against organized crimes.



The Director of EUROPOL Rob Wainwright and the Executive Associate Director of U.S ICE  Peter Edge. The Hague  February 17, 2016 © EUROPOL


With this Agreement, the U.S  ICE  enters a new membership in Europol’s Focal Point Sustrans  the ongoing Operations that targets organized crimes,  money laundering, Human trafficking/smuggling and the irregular migration.  This Agreement is an addition to the EUROPOL’s Focal Point Checkpoint Operations, to which the U.S ICE is already part of it. 

 “Simply put, when we follow the money, we find criminals. Some criminal enterprises focus on smuggling and Cybercrime, others drugs and arms trafficking, but all of them – including those engaged in terrorism finance – try to manipulate financial systems for their gain, which is another avenue we can use to disrupt and dismantle their operations. Today’s signing signals HSI’s commitment to the International Cooperation that is crucial to Law-Enforcement success in this arena.”  highlighted  US ICE Executive Associate Director Peter Edge. The Hague February 17,2016 © EUROPOL

“In this technological era, nations around the World cannot tackle criminality on their own. Money laundering is a complex and relentless offence which requires a concerted International response. I am therefore delighted to see such an important partner join our continued efforts to build a borderless Law-Enforcement community.” stated the Director of EUROPOL Rob Wainwright. The Hague February 17, 2016 ©EUROPOL


By Catherine Stella Schmidt