The United States Navy in Operation Atalanta-1

Along with other Naval Missions, ranging from Training, Maneuvers, Joint Exercises with its various Naval Global partners–  Patrolling and Monitoring from Coast to Coast for establishing and to maintain the Maritime Security, the  United States Navy  has been simultaneously supporting the European Naval Force in Operation Atalanta.

One of its main Vessel in supporting the Operation Atalanta is the USNS Laramie.  ITS-Carabiniere-approaching-the-USNS-Laramie-for-RAS December 2015 EU NAVFOR


U.S Naval Replenishment Ship ‘USNS Laramie’ (center) off the Coast of Somalia,  supporting Operation Atalanta. December 17, 2015 © EU NAVFOR 

Equipped with Chopper deck, the gigantic U.S Naval ‘Laramie’  is a Military Sealift Command Replenishment oiler of HENRY J. KAISER  Class,  launched in 1995.  Since then the Ship has been, mostly, in a long  journey Missions from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Gulf of Aden, providing a vital support to the U.S and European Naval Forces– as to enumerate from Aircraft and Helicopter Carriers, Frigates, Corvettes,  Combat, Assault, and the Paroling Ships.

As a part of this ongoing Operational Support and the Replenishment at Sea, the USNS Laramie met in a close contact with  the Operation Atalanta’s new Flagship, HNLMS Tromp  of the Royal Netherlands Navy  on August 8th in the Atalanta Operational field, the Gulf of Aden.

The EU NAVFOR Operational Force Commander, Commodore Luyckx was welcomed for a visit by the Commanding Officer of U.S Naval Replenishment Vessel, Captain William Wiggins.

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By Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt (Copyrighted material)