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An Exclusive Interview with the U.S Army Europe-1

US naval Europe Africa May 22, 2016


In the Exclusive Interview Series, this time we have the special occasion of presenting our interview with the United States Army Europe. The interview has been conducted with the Team of Public Affairs of the U.S Army Europe HQ in Germany.


Q:  The United States and Europe are immensely interconnected, not only by Historical Heritage, Values and Ideals for centuries, but also by Political Landscape, Security and Defense.

  • Would you please elaborate on the importance of this Relation on the domain of Security and Defense.

Public Affairs of the U.S Army Europe HQ in Germany:  Our history is absolutely the foundation of what connects the United States and Europe. During the Warsaw Summit in July President Barack Obama said, “In this challenging moment, I want to take this opportunity to state clearly what will never change – and that is the unwavering commitment of the United States to the security and defense of Europe, to our transatlantic relationship, to our commitment to our common defense.”

Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade join NATO Allies. US Army Europe May 2014

This is also the case for the U.S. Army’s role with our European Allies and partners. Although the security environment has dramatically evolved over the last 25 years, it is vital for us to continue to work and train with our Allies and partners. Multinational exercises like Swift Response, Anakonda, Inherent Resolve, Saber Guardian and other training opportunities benefit Army Europe Soldiers as well as our National Guard and Reserve components. We know firsthand that training with our Allies, partners, and NATO better prepares us all for future operational requirements.

Such operations and exercises provide our U.S. Army Soldiers with necessary training and valuable skills needed to operate in this theater. They also facilitate building relations with our Allies and partners, which is just as important. Everything we do should demonstrate to our European Allies and partners that we understand our responsibility and commitment to offer assurance.

Q: Strong Europe’ could you please illustrate this crucial aspiration of the U.S Armed-Forces in Europe and how the U.S Army present, project and implement this Concept?

Public Affairs of the U.S Army Europe HQ in Germany: By looking at the stories on our website, the content on our social media channels and following the coverage of the exercises, you will see that “Strong Europe” is not a catch phrase, it is a commitment.

This commitment is the corner stone of the framework that makes up everything U.S. Army Europe contributes on behalf of the Army, to EUCOM, AFRICOM, CENTCOM, and NATO. Europe is a complex and dynamic security environment that presents evolving challenges. With the contributions and capabilities provided by our Allies, partners and regionally allocated forces this strategic effect can be reached.

The Multinational Battle Group-East Military Provost Marshals office gives brief to NATO Forces Kosovo in Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, July 26, 2016 EUCOM





U.S. Army Europe operates with five pillars to support our priorities. They are: Empowering Junior Leaders; Army Reserve and National Guard support; Allies and Partners; Regionally Allocated Forces; and Dynamic Presence. All of these components make up “Strong Europe”.

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