NATO allies and partners in U.S Army-led Operation Atlantic Resolve-3

NATO allies and partner nations, U.S military including the National Guards, and most European armed-forces, coming closer than ever in multinational operation Atlantic Resolve 2023.                                                                                                                                                                Since its launch in 2014, the U.S Army-led operation Atlantic Resolve has been one of the most crucial annual exercises which has developed exponentially the most needed strategies for defense and security of European.






Operation Atlantic Resolve creates and facilitates new ways of effective and highly rapid interoperability between the U.S, Europe; NATO allies and partner states. It builds deeper and expands further the pathways to increase constructive communications and understanding, greater interconnectivity and stronger partnerships at all levels in military operations.

Announced by the Army, V Corps  is in command of Atlantic Resolve rotational forces.

Stay tuned with U.S Army Europe and Africa for more updates on Op. Atlantic Resolve

Acknowledgment: Sources: U.S. Army Europe and Africa, U.S. European Command Public Affairs. Image ©U.S. Army Europe and Africa/ Atlantic Resolve Graphic. Article by Editor in Chief, Catherine S. Schmidt