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The Leadership of Denmark and its Armed-Forces in NATO Resolute Support

On July 14, Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen visited Danish Troops stationed in Afghanistan in the NATO Mission. Minister Jensen highlighted the occasion of his visit had been, first of all to say thank you to all Danish Troops serving in the NATO  Resolute Support.  And also to assess the situation in Afghanistan directly.

Foreing Minister Kristian Jensen visited Danish Troops in Afghanistan July 2016 Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen with the  Danish Troops in NATO Resolute Support in Afghanistan. July 14, 2016 © MFA of Denmark 

Denmark is one of the main Troops and Financial contributors to Afghanistan from ISAF Mission to NATO’s Resolute Support.  In Mai 2016 Danish Parliament ratified the Government’s plan on strengthening Danish Contingent in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan and the increase of the  Financial aids continuing throughout  2020.

Additional:  Denmark will bolster its Military Support to Afghanistan

By Catherine Stella Schmidt (Copyrighted material) 

The U.S Air Force to bolster NATO Allies Security and Defence

The new Combat Ready Eagles from United States Air-Force F35A has expanded further the NATO Allies Air-Space Defense Capabilities. 

US F35A US NATO 2016

August 3, 2016 © US Mission NATO 

Norway steps up further measures for stability in Europe

Norway MFANorway increases support for stabilising NATO’s Neighbouring areas, announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

Stability in Europe’s Neighbouring areas is important for our Security. We are therefore providing NOK 10 million over three years for NATO’s efforts to Promote Stability in vulnerable countries to the south and east of the Alliance.’  

‘NATO has long experience in helping countries in its Neighbouring areas to develop their Security and Defence sectors. This has made an important contribution to stability in Europe after the Cold War. Now the Alliance can use this experience in other areas, such as North Africa and the Middle East,’  stated Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. July 9,2016 © MFA Norway

With this new measure Norway is the lead Country of a new Trust Fund and personnel to support Capacity Building in Georgia by financing the Joint Training and Evaluation Centre until 2020. 

In addition, at NATO’s Summit in Warsaw, Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced to increase the contribution of Norway to NATO’s Trust Fund for Capacity Building in the Defence sector, along with a contribution of about NOK 1 million a year to NATO’s Trust Fund to increase women’s participation in the Jordanian Armed Forces. 

Belgium ranked among the top five UN contributors

Belgium–the Leadership to reckon……and the Land that will represent European Ideals

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  • Belgium ranked the 5th largest  supplier to the United Nations systems in 2015. The first largest contributor was the United States.   (p. 73)
  • In addition, Belgium stood as the 3rd largest  supplier for the UN Health procurement sector in 2015 followed by France and the Netherlands.   ( p.41)

Indicated by the UN 2015 Annual Statistic Report on UN Procurement.

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