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The Commemoration of Armistice Day in Europe

In 1918 at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the First World War Armistice was signed in a railway carriage stationed in the Forest of Compiègne in Northern France by military personnel representing France, Germany and Britain. Today, 98 years later, that moment was commemorated across the United Kingdom and by the Forces around the world. Nov 11,2016 © MoD of UK



In Remembrance of all  U.S and European Brave men and women in uniform who lost their lives in wars and conflicts, or in the comabt agains tyrany, for keeping the light of Freedom and Humanity alive. May Peace and Freedom reign on our Skies and in the World forever.

The Armistice Day in France : Commémoration de l’Armistice du 11 novembre 1918 – Vendredi 11 novembre 2016

  1. Cérémonies du 11 novembre 2016 in France        
  2. Remembrance Day 2016 in  Canada                    Remembrance Day in Australia 2016  
  3.  Remembrance Day UK Army 2016            The Commemoration Day in Belgium 2016 

News from Norway Armed-Forces                                News from Danish Armed-Forces
News from Sweden Armed-Forces                               News from Belgium Armed-Forces                                        News from Finland’s Armed-Forces    


News from  the Government of Monaco               


The Commemoration of Armistice Day  in Monaco.  November  11, 2016 © The Government of Monaco 


News from French Mission to NATO

  • News from EULEX                                                              News from EUFOR      
  • News from KFOR                                                                 News from EUBAM 
  • News from EUMM                                                           News from EUROPOL 

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The Veterans Day in the United States of America

 Presidential Proclamation  Veterans Day, 2016



America has long stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity, and few embody that spirit here at home and beyond our borders more than the members of our Armed Forces. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen are part of an unbroken chain of brave patriots who have served our country with honor and made tremendous sacrifices so that we may live Free. On Veterans Day, we salute the women and men who have proudly worn the uniform of the United States of America and the families who have served alongside them, and we affirm our sacred duty as citizens to express our enduring gratitude, both in words and in actions, for their service.”  November 8, 2016 © The White House

Additional: November 11 is Veterans Day  in the United States by US Embassy in Norway 

News from U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria
News from US Naval Forces Europe-Africa                                                News from DoD 
News from U.S Air Force Europe-Africa                  News from Strong Europe U.S Army

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