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The UK Armed-Forces and its vital leadership in Iraq

uk-armed-forces-help-iraq-2016Nov 24 2016 ©UK Foreign Office  

Additional: Defence Secretary announces UK-French missile cooperation November 2016 

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The United Kingdom and Belgium’s enduring Bilateral Relations

On the official visit Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium travelled to London and met with Prime Minister Theresa May on November 22. The visit was to strengthen the bilateral UK-Belgium close partnerships and to discuss range of issues including counter-terrorism and the European Security. 

Highlighted by the spokesperson of UK PM Office:  

Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that while we are leaving the EU we are not leaving Europe and want to maintain strong relationships with all member states as well as with the EU itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                            The two leaders discussed the recent U.S election and PM May emphasised that a strong  Transatlantic Relationship remains the foundation of global security and prosperity.” November 22 2016 © PM May’s  Office

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NATO’s new Force Integration Unit in Hungary

With the Military and official representatives from both sides, the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) in Székesfehérvár- Hungary has been inaugurated on November 18th.                                                                  NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) is part of Allied collective defence to facilitate the rapid deployment of NATO Forces, currently with  6 headquarters based in: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.  Hungary and Slovakia jointed NFIU in 2016. 


November 21, 2016 © US Mission to NATO 

Attending the inauguration ceremony the Representative of NATO Secretary General Mr. Herold expressed his gratitude to Hungary for the vital role and contributions that has been providing to Alliance Security.  

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